About me

I suppose about me will always be changing!

My name is Cricket Sosa, I am married to my best friend and living in Harlingen, Texas with my 3 perfect little boys. I’m a stay at home wifey and devoted mom who blogs her little heart out! I’ve held up my fair share of jobs as well as office management but now I have the greatest job in the world, I manage my home!

I am an extreme animal lover and earth lover (only way I know how to put that). I’m determined to make everyone I come across just a tad more eco-conscious in whatever way they can be!

I was born on an AMERICAN ARMY base in Germany (both parents were in the army), however shortly after I was born my mom moved back to her hometown, Harlingen TX. If you don’t know where that is, look at the bottom tip of TX on a map and that’s probably in the general area. I’ve moved to a ton of places all over the US, but we finally moved back home and decided to stay here! You just can’t find the lifestyle here anywhere else. There’s also no place like here for Mexican food…trust me!

I’m a hopeless romantic, I love the idea of love, I love my friends and family with my whole heart and I also try to get everyone to be a little more caring in their lives even in the smallest way.

I am not perfect, never will try to be, I’m me and I love me, I love me more every day, I’m sensitive, and I cry like a little girl every now and then for the smallest lovey dovey things in movies… books, life and if an ASPCA commercial comes on I’m gonna bawl like a baby for that too!

I have been told I see the world through rose colored glasses… I do… I see the best in people and life and I refuse to only see the bad!

If you ever want to know anything else about me, just ask. I answer all questions and actually care what people who read my blog have to say. I AM AN OPEN BOOK…

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