Blogger Idol Week 1 Play at home {Write your own Eulogy}

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Blogger Idol Week 1 Play at home {Write your own Eulogy}

I started doing Blogger Idol play at home last year and had some fun with it but due to craziness in life didn’t participate the whole way through. I plan to this time and maybe if I do I can try to officially try out next year. With that said, this is week one! This weeks challenge freaked me out a bit but I’ll participate.

Assignment: Write Your Own Eulogy

Thank you everyone for coming. If your hearing these words and someone is reading this to you that means I’m probably not alive. Don’t be sad, whatever caused me to leave this awesome planet has already passed and I’ve left behind some words for you. If I’m right, my friend Amanda Bourbois is reading this. I always joked she was my life coach, how fitting that she deliver my last message.

I have a few things I’d like to say that I hope everyone remembers.

First, I hope after this funeral everyone has a party to remember me in all the good times and let me have one last bash. With hope the last get together we have will be what you remember instead of what led to this letter.

To my hubby, please take care of our boys and to those that love them, help him out whenever possible! Please tell them they can do anything they want in life and help them be whatever that is. Know that I love you guys with all of my heart and if I can watch over you guys I will.

To my close friends, thank you for being my extended family and always making me feel loved.

To my family, whatever our relationship was at the time I left I hope you guys know at the bottom of all the issues we’ve had… I really always loved you.

If anyone sits in this crowd of gathered people who feels bad about any past indifference between us or rift, I forgive you and or, please forgive me.

I hope you guys will remember me for things I have done, good deeds, positive impacts on the world. I always said I secretly wanted to save the world. I was told once I see the world through rose colored lenses, that I was naive in believing there is always good in others and I think too much of everyone. And so, I hope that you can take a small part of that mentality with you today. I promise it is not a fault but a gift, the good that comes from it out weighs the bad. The world is about more than just getting ahead, getting things you want or think you need. Try to give others a chance, give them the benefit of the doubt, do good to others, care more about just yourself in life. If nothing else, maybe me passing could at least make you open up your minds and see things how I did.

I’ve been known to ramble so in my last letter to you I’ll refrain from doing so. I love you all, and hope you leave here knowing that every person that crossed my path was loved, remembered, and cared about. I never forgot any of you, no matter how insignificant you may think you were… your part in my life meant the world to me.

One more thing, at the party tonight, take a few shots of patron for me, drink some wine, eat tons of my favorite baked goodies I know Erin will bake some of my favorites, indulge! Katrina will tell you my favorite foods someone make them please, make sure there’s potatoes. Sunshine bring some pumpkin pie, Nicole can you make the sushi and bubble tea, Kriss bring those Japanese goodies we love.

Everyone have fun, I love you.

p.s. Please don’t forget me.

{ok this was written for blogger idol it creeps me out writing it but I participated lol}
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