360 Eco Luxury Vodka

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360 Eco Luxury Vodka

There is vodka that is eco friendly? Well if you guys didnt know Earth Hour was Saturday night… and surprisingly no one knew about it except one place… a liquor store? To show their support for eco friendly products they were featuring a vodka called 360 Eco Luxury Vodka.

Is it really eco friendly?

Well I snagged that little flier about it with spiffy drink recipes on it, and decided to look it up!

HERE are a few reasons why this brand of vodka is eco friendly, two things jumped out at me:

“Every year, we recycle nearly 200 tons of materials from glass to plastics to paper. And our recycled packaging material has won awards”

“At 360, we believe that going green shouldn’t be just a slogan, it should be what you do every day.”

On this page they also provide ways you can go green and help out every day… that in its self makes me like them a little more!

But there is more! Ahhhh I haven’t even tried this vodka and am falling in love! If you navigate over to this page HERE you can download an ebook on going green!

ALSO! They ask that you send in the swing top cap for recycling and encourage reuse of the bottle for anything from spices to home decor! To date they have gotten back over 50,000 swing-top caps and for each one they receive, they donate $1.00 to Global Green USA who share in the commitment to sustainability! They also provide the prepaid envelopes for you to send back your tops!

This vodka is also involved in Forrest 360 which plant indigenous trees on 40 acres of the land around the distillery. “It is estimated that one tree absorbs 2,000 lbs of C02 in its lifetime and planting the trees will help cut down on carbon dioxide emissions that are thought to contribute to global warming.”

So tell me does this vodka seem eco friendly? It does to me, I love the design and the concept behind it entirely! Now I just have to taste it… which I intend to do soon, whenever the chance pops up!

To find the many flavors available for this spiffy vodka head on over HERE. Personally I think the BING CHERRY sounds delicious!

You can also find all sorts of neat recipes on the site as well so CHECK IT OUT!

Eco Bomb
2 oz 360 Vodka
8 oz Light Beer

Mixing Instructions
Drop shot into pint of beer.

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