Cangles $20 in Savings and Vanilla Perfume!

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Cangles $20 in Savings and Vanilla Perfume!

If your a follower from a wile back you might have entered or seen my post about Cangles! You can see that post HERE.

Quick info: If you never caught that post, Cangles creates jewelry from recycled cans! They also donate to certain charities for which they have items in their shop!

Right now they are having $20 in savings in light of the holidays! They are offering an instant $10 discount when you purchase $100 worth of hand-tooled eco jewelry, and you will also receive another $10 as a credit to use on your next purchase. Promo code SAVE10. REMEMBER to log in as a registered user!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK CANGLES! This week marks their 1 year in business! I <3 ya'll! I also got an email update today from Natural Mommie, her post is on making Homemade Vanilla Perfume!

I am a strong supporter of homemade anything! Check out her awesome blog and why not give making vanilla perfume a try.

Things you’ll need:

* – Knife
* – Vanilla beans {costco sells them in tubes – 10 beans for around $12-$15}
* – Vodka
* – Glass jar
* – Strainer {mesh, nylons or cheesecloth}
* – Jojoba oil {or any oil – grapeseed, etc.}


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