Community Center Earthship {KickStarter}

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Community Center Earthship {KickStarter}

O how I wish I had $1,000 to donate… but I don’t 🙁 sadly lol because this is something I so so so wish I could participate in! However you can participate even if you can’t do $1,000. Let me explain…

A good ways back I spoke of Earth Ships. Its a dream of mine which I’m sure we will ONE DAY accomplish of building and living in our own Earthship. I’ve followed everything concerning them since a friend of mine first introduced me to the concept. But today I received an email from KickStarter about them and my heart probably quite literally skipped a beat.

Right now on KickStarter you can donate to help fund the building of a Community Center Earthship: Flower Prototype in Malawi!

Basically an Earthship is a self sustaining home/eco system for you haha but with this design they intend to make a community center which contains a school, library, bank, administration offices, medical center, and food store. WOW what an amazing concept!

This is an Earthship home below:


And this is the design idea for the Community Center:


I am so excited they’re doing this and love everything about Earthships but what’s so awesome right now is you can help contribute to the building of this amazing Community Center!!

A pledge of $1,000 secures your spot to come with us to Malawi to help build the Flower design from October 7th – 18th. The team that joins us will work alongside Michael Reynolds, the Earthship Biotecture team, and the people of Malawi. Meals, lodging and transportation from the airport is included. {I WISH SERIOUSLY I WISH SOOO BAD} this would also include all of the below perks! Wish I could do a bake sale or something to raise the money I would be there in a heart beat!

If you pledge $1 or more your name appears in the credits and you help out!

$10 or more you get a photo album of the entire build if you cant be there that’s almost as good right?

$25 you get exclusive video content of the build plus all of the above.

$50 or more FLOWER ARCHITECTURAL PLANS, a digital copy of the official blueprints for the Flower Earthship design. And the above.

$75 or more LIVE Q&A w/ MICHAEL REYNOLDS and all of the above.

$100 or more 9 backers Limited (91 left of 100) LIMITED EDITION EARTHSHIP T-SHIRT (made using a new type of printing called sublimation) and all of the above!

$275 or more Limited (24 left of 25) 2-NIGHT STAY IN TAOS, NM, Experience living in a real Earthship for two nights in the beautiful Earthship community in Taos, New Mexico. And all of the above!

$500 or more you get the complete collection of Earthship’s How To Build Your Own Volumes 1-3 personally signed by the Garbage Warrior himself! And all of the above!

$750 or more you get SIMPLE SURVIVAL PLANS, a copy of the official architectural plans for the Simple Survival Earthship design at a discounted price — normally $1000. And all of the above!

If you’d like to back this project even for $1 you can by CLICKING HERE!

So far they have 68 Backers have raised $2,770 of $50,000 goal and have 36 days to go! Help them succeed!

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