COOLEST PRINTER IN THE WORLD! Uses Coffee grounds as ink!

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COOLEST PRINTER IN THE WORLD! Uses Coffee grounds as ink!

I am a nerd that loves eco friendly gadgets! Today I was strolling Core 77, which you might want to check out, and I came across the coolest printer I have ever seen! I love coffee every morning… well, saving my used grounds for my plants makes me feel better than tossing them in the trash… however, having this printer would rock my world as it uses your used coffee grounds turning them into a sustainable source of ink for your printer!

It also happens to be hand powered, I think I’d enjoy the idea even more if it was solar powered but I’m not lazy, I’d so use this if it was already on the market!

I rather enjoyed reading the comments as well such as this one:

42.Feb 5th, 2009Joule
Is it a black and white printer ? Alternatively it could work in color with tomato sauce, pee and blueberry juice. Of course those tints don’t have a long life expectancy but with a simple layer of benzo-polycabonate-cyanide varnish sprayed with polycyclon BZ gas you could make the color stay.

Oh Santa bring me something that rocks like this!!!!

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