Finally made my own baby wipes

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Finally made my own baby wipes

I’ve been cloth diapering but have yet to make my own wipes, partially because I didn’t want to fuss with making them.

Well, I don’t like the bulky wipes offered so I decided I’d probably use baby wipes home made if they were thinner. I was unpacking things from a box into our new apartment when I got to ALL the receiving blankets. Does everyone else with kiddos have a zillion receiving blankets???

Well I thought let me use them since all they’re doing is sitting there. I cut them into even squares the size of the store bought wipe.


Then thought ok I know I’ll use these if they’re more like store bought.

So, I pulled out an old baby wipes container (glad I kept one just in case) and I began to layer the wipes in just like the store bought ones are. That way when you pull one, the next comes up and out ready to be pulled.


Next was the solution. I came up with my own using Burt’s Bees Baby Bee because well I love the brand and tee tree oil because I love that too lol. But there are tons of recipes online and a whole lot found on if you want to switch it up a bit! CLICK HERE for other recipes

Not exact measurements:
2 squirts burt bees baby bee baby oil
2 squirts burt bees baby bee baby wash
4 drops tee tree oil
1 cup water (about)

So many different solutions it’s nice to switch it up every now and then!

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