I found another JEM that’s actually what it’s called! No typo!

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I found another JEM that’s actually what it’s called! No typo!

This week has been hectic but today my little family went to Market Days which is a once a month pretty massive market out on one of our streets in Harlingen Texas. Jackson Street to be specific. I wish I had taken some pics of the market, I will next time because it’s one of the things I adore about living in the valley. I didn’t expect to run into another local business that I’d fall a wee bit head over heels for so I wasn’t totally prepared for this post with awesometastic pics. I followed my nose to a booth well a table set up. I seriously followed my nose to her set up because it smelled sooooo good!

I think I actually said “something smells amazing” it happened to be a scrub that smelled like coconut but not like fake coconut it smelled like the island if that makes sense haha. Anyway, I wasn’t prepared with tons of funds to buy like everything she makes so I had to pick a couple of things to buy and start conversation and such.

I kinda totally love when someone knows their oils (EO’s), knows their herbs, knows each and every product they sell and can give you complete product info, ingredients, instructions and any and all help possible that could be needed to use their products. I also have a soft spot for all natural remedies, EO’s in general, nice labels, and nice people!

Check out her Facebook page! CLICK HERE Can we talk about the amazing photos she posts on her page to show her products!

She makes 100% Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free Skincare Products and they look awesome, smell awesome, and the ingredients list is awesome! If you are local you can locate her products at

216 Paredes Line Road Suite G.
Brownsville, Texas
Call (956) 832-3166

If you aren’t local, Brownsville is one of the neighboring towns of Harlingen TX and a part of the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) I’m not entirely certain if she would ship anything out of the RGV but I’m sure you can contact her to find out OR travel down to check out her shop!

So, I bought two things! Had I had more funds on me I would have probably bought many more, luckily I got her business card so that I can visit her shop on my next trip to Brownsville to stock up on more goodies! But for now, I got an SPF 45 sunscreen and a weight loss tea. I was pretty impressed with the ingredients in both and went on to find out that the teas are all herbs and such that she grows herself in her garden! That’s exciting!


The sun was insane today, I sprayed my poor sun kissed shoulders and kept from burning and turning into a lobster! It was a close one, but luckily I found her and her awesome sunscreen which I’m stoked about because I was wanting an alternative to store bought! I had researched some ingredients with a good spf and had considered making my own but I didn’t want to buy the special ingredients to just make a small batch and then have the rest sit there unused for a long time. I also noticed she had some bug spray and other really interesting items. I’ll review those later! She doesn’t know I’m reviewing her shop now but I’m trying to get the word out about all the awesome the valley has!

Does her SPF 45 sunscreen work? You bet it does and it saved me from pain! THANK YOU!

Weigh Loss Tea

The weight loss tea I was totally intrigued with! I try different weight loss teas from time to time but have never bought anything local. I then realized I’ve never ever bought any local tea! I now have a source! See, she had other teas and I plan to try them all! Haha yea I’m a tea lover! They come packaged in a cute way, instructions are clear and easy to follow, all ingredients clearly listed! I came home, put some water to boil in my tea kettle, busted out my cute .99 cent store beautiful mug (I’ve found the cutest stuff at that store don’t knock it) and my tea steeper thingymabob, followed the instructions and had me a cup of tea! Oh the freshness! I used to joke with one of my really close friends with the word frellicious (fresh and delicious) this is oh my gosh! Dare I say it, it’s one of the best teas I’ve had in a long time!? I’m so happy I tried it! Yet again another moment I wish my blog had smell vision so you could smell this tea, heck I wish you could taste it too! I used a wee bit of honey in my cup of tea also.

Does her weight loss tea work? We shall see with time since there is a good amount in the package! It tastes good, is fresh, I’m impressed with it nonetheless.

Some pretty cool products on her FB (not my pics but hers) I seriously want to try!

Nail Polish

DBP and Toluene free


Mineral blushes with no harmful chemicals to avoid skin rashes or allergic reactions to the skin.
This blush is made with natural colors and no preservatives added

Milk Baths

Natural lactic acid found in milk is a form of alpha-hydroxy-acid (an ingredient which can be found in some of the most expensive exfoliating products). This type of acid gently dissolves proteins to exfoliate dead skin cells, which reveal fresh, younger looking skin underneath.

Eye Shadow

I plan to try more of her products and hope you’ll shop and support yet another awesome local business in the RGV!

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