Raw Dairy for Labor!

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Raw Dairy for Labor!

In the past I had heard mentioned that raw dairy could help with labor. Actually I had heard a lot of good things about raw dairy only it wasnt ever available to me back in TX.

Today a friend shared an article with me that recharged my interest in raw milk even more! The article was by a mother who had gone through 3 pregnancies the third of which differed from the previous two because she regularly consumed raw grass fed milk.

The original article can be found here: Click me 😀

She stated she was at 9cm dilated and comfortable… WHAT!? Seriously? Anything that can help with the crappy pain that comes along with labor would seriously be welcomed here! See her calm pic below:


She stated:

What ended up being the most surprising, however, was how completely pain free my third delivery was. The birth of my third child was slower than the second birth, so speed was not a factor.

The picture above is me at 9 cm dilation, completely comfortable and without any discomfort. I told my husband to snap a picture as I couldn’t believe it at the time! I even chatted with my Mom on the phone while I was in transition (she was in the car on her way to the birth center at the time).

Now I remember labor… it sucked lol. I went natural and did not look as calm as her… I looked angry and pissed off at the world to be honest. After reading this I had to try again to find raw grass fed milk in my area.


I go and post in a local FB group (darn Facebook rules the world lately) and much to my surprise am answered with a location that carries raw milk… I go and google this said place and find a plethera of information on not only raw milk but local meats and produce… this green momma is in heaven right now!!!!

logoWe’ll be headed out to get some raw milk and check out these awesome locations to buy local this week… I’ll let you know if my labor is nicer than the last as a result haha.

But I know some places allow raw milk to be sold and others dont… viola SD happens to be one that allows it… nice South Dakota you are winning me over little by little the longer I am here haha.

I had almost lost hope in finding fresh produce, local grass fed beef and raw milk after moving here. Honestly if you don’t know where to look when you first move getting a hold of these types of items can be a bit aggravating!

Bravo South Dakota your place in my heart is growing a lil bigger <3 raw-milk-state-laws-map-source-Farm-to-Consumer-Legal-Defense-Fund

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