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ReCrib is a great online marketplace for gently used kid and baby gear! ReCrib allows you to sell your items to get back a bit of the money spent on them wile helping those looking for name brand items get them at a tad cheaper price! Of course this site makes me ecstatic because its a bit of an upcycling of baby and kids items!

Parents Daniel & Michelle Lehmann created ReCrib entrepreneurs, retailers and marketing professionals who live in NYC with their two children, ages 5 and 3, after cleaning out their old kid gear and found out there was no place to sell gently used items online so they created it! Sellers (us parents with much piled up kid stuff) post their items for sale, and ReCrib conects buyers (us parents who need to get rid of stuff but want more stuff lol) with the perfect item they want for the perfect price! Here are a few of the great deals you can find:

Svan Highchair
ReCrib price: $50 Retail Price: $279.95

ReCrib price: $30 Retail Price: $100.00

For those of you out there wanting to buy or sell stop by ReCrib below:

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If you have any questions you can find your answers on ReCrib’s FAQ page: HERE Also, keep in mind that currently listings are FREE in celebration of the site’s launch and soon there will be a fee of $2.99 per listing and up to $10.99 for ten listings so head on over wile it’s still free! I hope to be spreading the word about ReCrib and hope some of you can find some great deals on the site!

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