Things I WANT for my Office!

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Things I WANT for my Office!

I have nothing green or partially environmentally friendly in my office well on my desk or my piece of pie as I call it. In my office at work, we have circular HUGE desks split up into pie like pieces lol maybe thinking of them as pie makes it better in my head lol than thinking I have a tiny sliver of a desk haha. I feel a cute drawing coming of my pie shaped desk!

Anyway, I’m straying from my subject, I’ve made a wish list of things I want to try to slowly incorporate into my piece of pie (I believe I shall refer to my work space as my piece of pie from now on and the desks as pods it sounds cooler than my rectangle piece of the round desks).

Short post for today but I will be posting more soon 😀


1. Recycled Post-It Notes
Ugh I use these alot! I try my hardest to use the cute little desk top post its but sometimes you just need to write a note down! So, I want these badly lol it will make me feel less bad about wasting paper.

2. Terracycle Trash Can
I adore adore adore Terracycle! I have a tote from them and use it when I go shopping for small stuff sometimes! They are super cute and it is a good use of things that would ordinarily be tossed away! I’ve posted about them before I know but now they made a trashcan and I want one to have by my desk lol!

3. Rebinder’s Binders!
Recycled material binders and office supplies! I actually think they are pretty spiffy lookin!!! I dont NEED them… but I WANT them lol

4. Staple Free Stapler
This I want and need equally! It is on my Amazon Wishlist and I cant wait to get one! These are incredibly nifty!!!!

5. Earthdrive 8 GB Green Flash Drive

6. Eco Friendly Plastic Baggies
Sometimes I cant always use my Reusies baggies.

7. Greencilesâ„¢ Eco-friendly Pencils


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