I was asked to repost this here on my new blog. PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO GO VEGETARIAN, PESCATARIAN, VEGAN, RAW OR ANYTHING! THAT IS YOUR CHOICE I AM ONLY SHARING INFO I HAVE. I myself am a Pescatarian (eat fish only)



BENEFITS of being vegetarian:

*veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy can boost your immune system and improve health

*vegetarians experience 30% less heart disease, 40% less cancer and 20% less premature mortality

*usually have lower blood pressure and reduce occurrence of diet-related diabetes and obesity

What you should have every day with being vegetarian:

*5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables

*3-4 servings of cereals/grains or potatoes

*2-3 servings of pulses, nuts and seeds

*2 servings of milk, cheese, eggs, or soy products

*A small amount of fat/oils such as olive, sunflower-seed, butter or UNhydrogenated margarine

Things to keep in your kitchen for the vegetarian diet:

*Canned pulses and vegetables: chickpeas, cranberry, kidney beans, lima beans, tomatoes, corn, artichokes, olives, asparagus

*Jars of sauces: Black bean sauce, teriyaki sauce, pesto, strained canned tomatoes

*Jars and tubes of plavoring: tomato paste, sun-dried tomato paste, soy sauce, olive paste, iso, mustards, mayo

*stock-based flavorings: vegetable bouillion, miso cubes

*Flours: all purpose, self rising, whole weat, cornmeal, cornstarch

*Dried pulses: chickpeas, kidney, soy chunks

*Dried fruit: apricots, figs, prunes, dates, apples, and raisins ( I LOVE TO MAKE DATE TEA IT IS DELICIOUS!)

*Nuts and seeds: nut butters, walnuts, cashews, chopped mixed nuts, ground and sliced almonds, sunflower, pepitas and sesame seeds

*Grains: pasta in various shapes, rice in various types, egg noodles (A FAV), couscous, risotto, spanish paella, pudding rice, cornmean

*Oils and Vinegars: olive (extra virgin), sunflower-seed, nut, vegetable, sesame oils, white and red wine vinegar and cider, balsamic and sherry wine vinegars

*Dried herbs and spices: oregano, thyme, terragon, saffron, coriander, cumin, chili, cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne, paprika, ginger

*Preserves and sweeteners:maple syrup, molasses, honey, raw brown, unrefined superfine, confectioners sugar, high-fruit jellies, marmalade

*Baked goods: whole weat crackers, oatcakes, rice cakes, corncakes

My shopping tip for veggies or meat eaters:

look on labels! LOOK at the ingredients! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT SAYS hydrogenated oil of ANY KIND! Look for unhydrogenated! That stuff is bad for you!!! DONT EAT IT!

Pay a little more for organic, ITS WORTH IT!

Watch for E441 its a gelling agent derived from animal parts and bones and E120 its made from crushed insects

Aspic is a jelly derived from meat or fish

Is the switch hard? If your one of those people that hates veggies then maybe. But if you think that the switch is hard because you have to leave foods behind, you dont! There are LOADS of things out there for us veggies now a days!


Above: Morning Star veggie mock chicken nuggets, Morning Star garden veggie patties (substitute for your hamburger), Morning Star spicy black bean burger (also a sub for a burger), and my FAVORITE ever… Morning Star hickory bbq ribblets (kid you not tastes just like the McDonalds McRib only healthy!


Above: Morning Star Lasagna (NEW lil meal that tastes great!), Morning Star mock chicken tenders, and Morning Star sweet and sour chicken (NEW I love them!)


Above: Light Life veggie dogs (great to take along to bbq’s so you have something to add to the grill for yourself and never feel left out!) and Light Life Roast Turkey protein slices.


Above: My veggie bacon lol looks like play dough but tastes yummy!

EATING VEGGIE IS EXPENSIVE… NO IT ISNT! It costs about the same or less than it does to buy meat in my experience! Also Morning Star and Light Life are always putting out coupons you just have to look for them at stores or online at their website


I love Morning Star and LightLife but there are more options. Here however these are two of the only brands I’ve found available. There’s veggie turkey, ground beef, sausage, the list goes on and on. But this is all just mimic food, there are tons of interesting recipes out there for great vegetarian meals!

If I get more info together I will make a another post I don’t want to overwhelm.

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