Yes it’s Organic

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Yes it’s Organic

I must apologize for my blog being down yesterday… almost all day! It got me grumpy but anyway here’s today’s post, I’m having to do it early because for some reason my dentist and doctor decided to schedule an appointment for me on the same day and our internet/cable people are scheduled to come today too. If I dont write now I wont get to lol.

I ran across a neat company! I love organic and eco friendly things but this one has ALOT of cute baby toys and what I loved most were their Kids t-shirts! The company is called Yes It’s Organic and you can visit their site HERE

I love these T-shirts! They’re organic and have a good message! Here are the front’s and backs to a few I like, you can find them here: CLICK FOR CUTENESS

Each item is rolled into a reusable, hand-stamped, drawstring muslin bag and tied with a tag.

Fabric: 100% USDA Certified Organic Cotton By +E (Positive Energy)
Fair Labor. Made in the USA.

They’re also AFORDABLE! $24-$29

Check out their stuffed toys here: CUTENESS They’re a bit pricey but its a toy you can let your kiddos play with and not be scared of!




TTFN PEEPS I’ve got a day of Dr’s ahead of me and one of those is my FIRST checkup since I had Seth… 4 MONTHS later. I’ve had the run around with the military insurance and am bearly getting checked out I’m hoping all is well.

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