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O gosh Heartsy is gonna get me in trouble lol today I got an email from them letting me know a deal I wanted was posted. It was the deal for Paper Gangster Prints (doesn’t sound too awesome but it is lol) it was $7 for a $29 in store credit ahhhhhh I had been wanting this deal for a wile and it was a VIP deal I guess, so I was like DARN! Then the sneaky Heartsy said all I had to do to get access to the deal was become a VIP member and they would give me $10 right away to use on store credit… o gosh… so I did it. Supposedly you can cancel at any time so I plan to cancel next month lol.

I got 3 Alice in Wonderland prints like the one below check out the store HERE:

After my purchase I still have $4 to spend on Heartsy… I’ve made 3 purchases on there and still have not paid a dime out of pocket for anything I’ve bought lol I have a feeling I will for my next deal haha.

Here are the other 2 deals I’ve gotten (FREE)
* $24 store credit for The LUUvre
* $15 store credit for ForGoodnessGrape

So I’ve to date totaled out to $68 in store credit thanks to Heartsy and havent spent anything out of pocket YET but o I will lol and I know I will too it’s DANGEROUS lol in the good way haha

I suggest you join if you like Etsy shops and free stuff lol!

Here’s how it works:

You sign up with my referal link HERE CLICK HERE CLICK ME PLEASE lol and both you and I get $5 when after you sign up and purchase your first deal!

Most deals are at the lowest $6 – $20 so to get things for free, before you make your first purchase get as many people to sign up as possible and get them to purchase deals… then you get $5 for every person that buys a deal! Unfortunately I haven’t gotten enough people to buy on there, for some reason they think it’s fake so I haven’t had a lot of credit hence me doing the VIP deal lol but you really should try it out!!! If you do, you will help me out too! I have had like 15 referrals with only one purchase having been made lol.

Heartsy - Daily deals on fabulous handmade items, at least 50% off.

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