Cookie Monster Early Planning


So, I’ve decided I want to do something involving cookie monster for Seth’s birthday this year. I’ve been showing him Seseme Street and he laughs when cookie monster chows down on cookies! There are a few things I’m going to attempt to make this year. I have a good amount of time to get all my supplies together and plan and BAKE by November 19th!


I’ll be involvingt the rest of the Seseme Street crew too… making all the elaborite cupcakes should be fun!

I will be making these cupcakes as well:

Google had that cute cupcake pic and an example of how to stick the cookie in the cupcake mouth lol

And of course, my new obsession for cake pops will be included due to the fact that they rock, they’re yummy, they’re cute, and Seth happens to love them too! When we go to Starbucks I always get him one his favorite is the birthday cake!

I had been wondering for the longest time how to make these ingenious cake pops, and had found a few homemade recipes then of course I discovered a new kitchen gadget I HAVE TO OWN lol that makes cake pops! I have a feeling I will be saving survey money to get one soon lol and will be making cake pops for any little reason haha.

You can buy one here at The Baby Cakes Shop best part is its only $24.99 EEEK!

I’m hoping I can make all of the above look as close to these as possible lol lets see how far I can get with the baking skills I have. And time to start stocking up on TONS AND TONS of icing!

P.S. OF COURSE all will be made with the most orgnic ingredients as possible… so I’m trying to see how much icing I can make instead of buy as well so that I know I’m not pumping Seth full of horrible stuff! His carot cake I made on his first birthday was crazy yummy and sweet and had NO sugar in the cake itself only a small amount in the homemade frosting so I think I’ll do ok!

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