Edible Plates/Cups/Utensils!

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Edible Plates/Cups/Utensils!

I love this subject! O how much I would have loved to have edible plates, cups and utensils growing up when it was my turn to wash dishes! Not only is this idea fun, and avoids mess and dish duty BUT now as a grown up I can appreciate the fact that it is yet another way to avoid waste when parties are thrown and huge amounts of paper plates and such are used only to wind up plaguing our landfills!!!

I was strolling the internet for recipes when I came across Green Parenthood’s post about ditching plastic and paper cups for biodegradable Jelloware cups, apparently these are still in the works, but the idea is pretty cool! However, animal friendly peeps say that jello has animal parts in it, (READ 1ST COMMENT BELOW GOOD INFO FOR JELLO HATERS) rumored to be hooves and such other not so awesome things… so I looked into the possibility of other edible plate ware!

A company that sticks out for edible plates, cups, and utensils is the The Edible Plate Company which specializes in just what it is called. They sell in large quantities so this is a great option for parties, not only to eliminate a large amount of waste, but it gives your party goers a new experience and allows them to in a sense help take care of the environment just a tad! I think in the near future I’ll look into these for a party and see how they go!

If your looking for homemade, yes yes I adore homemade… we should all try making more things at home, there is the option of bread such as bread bowls, and bread spoons, and possibly edible play dough?

Edible Play dough Recipe:
1 c water
2 tbsp oil
1 c flour
½ c sugar
1 pkg kool-aid, any flavor

Mix together water and oil. Microwave on hght for about 2 min. Remove and add flour, sugar and kool-aid.Mix together with a spoon. Use it to make whatever you want. When it comes time to clean up, EAT IT! Recipe found at Cooks.com

There are many recipes for edible play dough but this one seemed the easiest. Of course it wont be too strong but it’s a neat idea for small things no? I’m not too fond of kool-aid so I may try substituting a few things when I try this out.

As for bread bowls and spoons made out of bread, the coolest one’s Ive found are found on a blog called Oh I Like That, where eddible soup bowls and spoons are made step by step with detailed instructions! I will be trying these in the near future as well, I think they’re adorable and hubby and I like having bread with soups anyway so besides mess clean up being easier they will serve more than one purpose! Be sure to check the blog out, tons of neat posts and try out these bowls!!

But don’t forget the good old classic bread bowl ahhhh every time I think of them I think of clam chowder YUM! You can buy bead like sourdough or Italian in a round shape and cut off the top of the loaf, then remove the inside of the bread making it hollow leaving about ½ inches thick inside. Brush olive oil on the inside to create a seal, bake bread for 15 min at 350 degrees until golden inside. Remove, fill and serve. Info found HERE. OR you could try making your own home made bread and then doing the process….just saying that’d probably be even tastier!!

These are just a few ideas, I think a few of us should try some instead of the disposable counterparts of these yummy edibles! I’m pretty sure seeing a plate you can eat will only intrigue people rather than having a boring paper plate anyhow so there are so many reasons why these are spiffy! And, if your one of those who actually care about the environment you can feel good about getting others to use these instead as well! The fewer paper plates we toss the less mess our future generations have to clean up. Plus, you also save on water from no dishes and the time wasted to wash them!

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