Great topic: Hidden Animal Parts In Your Food

Great topic: Hidden Animal Parts In Your Food

Yesterday I posted about edible plates, utensils and cups… in my first paragraph about the jelloware cups a friend commented about a statement I had made:


However, animal friendly peeps say that jello has animal parts in it, rumored to be hooves and such other not so awesome things… so I looked into the possibility of other edible plate ware!


Jello’s main ingredient is gelatin, which is derived by boiling animal bones to release their collagen. (Ever notice that jelly-like substance you get around a chicken or turkey when it’s been in the fridge? That’s gelatin.)

The hooves thing is a scare tactic; they do not contain collagen, and so cannot be used to make gelatin. (Please don’t spread those rumors.) The bones are from animals whose meat and organs have already been used for other things: in other words, animals are not being killed just to make gelatin. Gelatin is used in more products than you’d think (like toothpaste – I wonder how many vegans don’t know that); it’s a very common substance.



Great point! I really do love comments, and honestly love being corrected if wrong, I like getting the right information and helping spread the right information. As stated above, jello is in fact NOT from hooves as many believe but is from animal bones. Now, I completely respect my vegan friends, and readers out there, it is your choice to not consume any animal part or anything derived from an animal… BUT I myself am not vegan and can also appreciate the fact that those animals killed for food are being used down to every last bone and nothing really is going to waste. If an animal is going to die for us to eat we might as well not be wasteful about it….don’t you think?

And so I went on to look for things containing animal parts or things from animals, after all if your going to not eat jello because it has something from an animal you might as well look into everything you cant have right?

I myself am a Pescatarian, I have what is close to the vegetarian diet only I also consume fish so I am not being a hater here just trying to get a point across as she did to me. (by the way thank you)

Turning to EHow there is an article about this…
First paragraph:
Gelatin is a substance that originates from the bones and skins in animals. It is a common food additive and is used in many common foods. It offers little real nutritional value, but is almost harmless to the body. However, some people try to avoid gelatin in their diet because of dietary beliefs. If you are one of those people, you should know what common foods contain gelatin.

Jello, Gummy Bears, Canned Meat, Soups, Marshmallows

And, if you turn to Cyber Parent you can find a chart of hidden animal ingredients, such as Lanolin (Waxy fat from sheep’s wool) used in Chewing gum, ointments, cosmetics, waterproof coatings, and Lecithin (Phospholipids form animal tissues, plants, lentils, and egg yolks used to preserve, emulsify, and moisturize food) used in Cereal, candy, chocolate, baked goods, margarine, vegetable oil sprays, cosmetics, and ink. Those are only two on the list, so I agree if your going to not eat Jello you might as well look into the truthful long list of everything else your going to have to cut from your diet. If your willing to do your homework on that and really cut EVERYTHING containing anything from an animal out of your diet KUDOS to you!

You can also find a list of every animal ingredient from A-Z found HERE, if your going to cut everything out reading labels and familiarizing yourself with these ingredients would probably be the way to go.

BUT remember to try to stay on a healthy diet too… it’ll just be a tad harder…

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