Huge Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes as a THANKYOU

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Huge Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes as a THANKYOU

Be nice to me and you get cupcakes! lol jk Well, as a thankyou for two coworkers switching schedules with me this week when I thought I might have to miss work due to my schedule conflicting with the daycare hours. So, I wanted to give them something to show my appreciation! I made funfetti cupcakes at home BIG ones lol with tons of frosting and sprinkles of course! Kept one for myself and gave one to Seth lol its weird making such a small batch of cupcakes.

Finished product:


Sethster taste testing:

THANKYOU to my coworkers fro making my life a little easier yesterday and today!

I think I will start baking more again, making these made me realize I missed baking A LOT!!! I love making homemade baked goods, love using healthy ingredients and showing people that stuff can taste good and not be so bad for you… of course the cupcakes above have entirely too much icing to be healthy but still it is homemade! I love making people happy with something made not just bought at a store with little to no thought going into it, gosh I just ADORE HOMEMADE everything!

With that, and how big my cupcakes were I thought I would include a comic I found wile strolling google lol

Also, I ran into a really awesome sounding recipe on I bake cupcakes a really cute cupcake blog, that I want to try sometime soon! It is a recipe for mexican hot chocolate cupcakes! Check it out the recipe can be found on her post!

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