Purple Stuff (Pro Relaxation Formula)

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What?! I was introduced to this by my brother Dustin who said that it was a relaxing soda like the opposite of an energy drink. Of course I was intrigued and had to try it. We found it here in a local gas station, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else, so if you want to try it you can try the store locator on the website or search the locations where it is sold.

This odd drink is called Purple Stuff the pro relaxation formula that supposedly relaxes your body and focuses your mind.

It is available in 3 flavors which are all purple, classic grape, berry calming, and classic lemon lime. I myself have only tried the classic grape, it was easy to drink, but I would say its just a relaxing soda in that the carbonation isn’t too strong, you dont feel like your going to OD on sugar after drinking it and it seems a bit healthier than other sodas on the market. As far as it relaxing you eh, I’ve had more relaxing things lol.

Good things about Purple Stuff:

Contains 100% FDA approved ingredients
All ingredients are GRAS certified
(generally regarded as safe)
Aroma like fresh fruit
Low in calories (50 per 8 oz. serving)
Diabetic friendly
Contains L-Theanine
The active ingredient in green tea that reduces stress and improves cognitive performance
Replaces B-Vitamins that are lost under stressful situations

As stated above I’ve had more relaxing things, healthier things, but this is a pretty neat soda, and it does taste good so I’d recommend trying it.

Purple Stuff Website

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