The Little Black Book of Tea Review

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The Little Black Book of Tea Review

The Essential Guide to All Things Tea… I will always post new info about tea, reviews, giveaways whenever possible, I love love love tea! I am working on a project to build myself a little tea cabinet as I’ve used up far too much needed space in the kitchen cupboards, which shows just how much I do adore tea!

Of course when I saw a little book titled ‘The Little Black Book of Tea’ I was ready to open it up and absorb any little unknown facts from it! I have to say this is far more than a simple recipe book or an authors obsession with tea, it is a great guide really to all things tea!

Before I say more you can buy a copy of this nifty little book at Peter Pauper where they have others in the series available for purchase as well such as The Little Black Books of Barbecue, Beer, Burgers, Coffee, Sushi, Wine, and many many others. They also have The Little Pink Books, Elegance, Entertaining, Etiquette, Weddings and more! I myself have only had the pleasure of reading The Little Black Book of Tea but I look forward to reading all the others as I found it not only easy to read, informative and entertaining, but it’s a book I’d like to keep on my book shelf! I’ve been known to read books and pass them on but this one is a keeper to reference back to!

What makes a book about tea so interesting?

Well for starters, this book makes you think about tea as more than just a tea bag in a box from a shelf that will soon be sitting in a hot water bath in your cup waiting to be consumed. It gives you a wide variety of tea traditions and breaks down teas giving you a new appreciation for where they come from and how they are used. It even gives you basic instructions for brewing and different methods to brew!

This book also contains numerous recipes for iced teas, hot teas (my favorite was homemade chai tea), tea time treats and sandwiches and such, and how to cook with tea. Not only did this book make me want to run to my kitchen and brew up a nice hot cup but it made me want to whip up some recipes and throw my very own authentic tea party to share all the great info I learned from it! I seriously added almost every book available by this series to my wish list!

I totally give this book a 5 out of 5 rating for anyone who truly appreciates teas and can almost guarantee without reading any of the others, that they will be as great a read as this was!

Make sure to check Peter Pauper out and buy yourself one of their great little books, I am sure you wont be disappointed!

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