This Low Carb Bread Recipe Is Keeping Me Sane lol

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This Low Carb Bread Recipe Is Keeping Me Sane lol

So, I started a weight loss journey last November. Yes I’ll be writing about it here and there. Yes I’m getting a lot of criticism for it…surprisingly all from women. But I’ve also got a hella lot of support from a ton of amazing women, my family, friends, and my amazing hubby. I started doing OKL Keto which I can say works…but there are a few things I couldn’t see myself indefinitely doing without. Like most fruit. I’m never going to knock Keto or OKL Keto because I really do believe they work if done safely. I was introduced to Trim Healthy Mama which basically works with separating fuel types, not consuming sugar, white flour, pasta, white bread, and going more the paleo route. That is all an oversimplification of THM, if you are interested in it, please check out their book or their Facebook page because the amount of info you gain from it is amazing!

So, THM’s plan allows for sprouted whole grain wheat bread in an E meal setting which is a carb and protein meal…all of that is in their books. Although I do like sprouted whole grain wheat bread, it’s not my favorite, it’s also not my favorite texture and I discovered having a carb meal more than 3 times a week causes me to have weight loss stalls. I started looking for recipes on Google, Pinterest, anywhere to find a keto bread recipe that was close to regular sandwich bread.

I tried MANY all coconut flour recipes, all THM baking mix recipes (THM makes their own low carb baking mix), all Breana’s baking mix recipes (Baking mix meant to mimic the THM baking mix), tried some protein powder bread recipes, tried cloud bread recipes (the eggiest nastiest thing I had to try to be happy about), I’ve gone through so many duds that I almost decided I just didn’t need bread lol.

Then I found a picture with super simple instructions and just a few ingredients…as with most random stuff I find no source so if you created this recipe let me know so I can sing your praises! The picture was a screenshot that was fuzzy and barely legible which looked typed out to someone else by messenger or text possibly. It didn’t have a name so I gave it the name Perfect Sandwich Bread because honestly, this has been the perfect sandwich bread!

Perfect Sandwich Bread:

*3 Tbsp almond flour
*1 Tbsp coconut flour
*1 egg
*1/2 Tsp baking powder
*2 1/2 Tsp olive oil
*2 Tbsp water

Mix. Microwave 2 min.

That’s the entire recipe, it’s so simple it took me a while to try because I wasn’t wanting another dud and I got a little burnt out on bread over the last microwave bread recipe I used with pure almond flour. I was avoiding having eggy bread and I honestly didn’t need a crappy meal just for the sake of bread. But, one day I really, really wanted a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I took my chances and I’m absolutely happy I did. I’ve shared this with a few friends who have also had amazing results and it’s been a game changer with me and them! Sry about the lighting in the following pics 😀

I’ve used this for peanut butter and jelly, tuna fish sandwiches, regular sandwiches, french toast and one day I really really missed and wanted cinnamon sugar toast which is you know the super unhealthy piece of bread slathered with butter and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon then popped into the oven for a lazy breakfast. Please tell me my mom isn’t the only one that did that for me growing up? Well, I used butter, my perfect sandwich bread, xylitol sweetener, and cinnamon and IT WORKED and was on plan woot woot! The french toast I also made with this bread was a perfect consistency and amazing, I made it one morning while making regular french toast for everyone else. I didn’t feel like I was eating a sad copycat recipe to not be left out, it tasted real! I did realize the best way to make this recipe to mimic bread was to get one of those squarish macaroni microwave bowls which makes it the perfect size. After it’s done, plop it out and slice in half to have two slices! Sometimes if I’m wanting thinner bread I’ll slice it into 4 pieces being very very careful…it’s worth trying!

My friend Kelly recently used this recipe to make herself a grilled cheese sandwich! Super cool!!!

If you are looking to cut carbs or want an alternative bread recipe try this one out! I’m so happy with it, I thought it’d be worth blogging about to share with you guys! If you do try it and you find another way to use it or something else to add to it let me know! I think I’m going to toasting it next with some no sugar high fiber jelly! I’ll be back to share more recipes with ya’ll some time <3

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