What types of different …atarian are there?!

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What types of different …atarian are there?!

For 5 whole years I was a happy Pescatarian, I caved to the pressure of others around me and started consuming meat for the last 5 years and almost on the anniversary of me ending my pescatarian ways I have decided to return to them. Gain back my health, because I do not process animal meat and fats very well and also get back to a healthy weight!

My absolute favorite food in the whole word happens to be Sushi and that happens to be a part of my diet! So honestly, switching to being Pescatarian again is pretty much like eh. Meat isn’t that big a deal to me, I seriously pretty much ate it because everyone else did.


So, since I’m often asked what exactly a Pescatarian is I decided to let you know…and let you know what a few other diets are! Ok so they don’t all end with …atarian, but still!

A person who does not eat meat.

A person who does not eat or use animal products.

A modified vegan who also eats seafood. Distinguished from a pescetarian in that they do not eat eggs or dairy.

A person who does not eat meat but does eat fish. Like a vegetarian plus fish.

Diet which predominantly consists of raw fruit

Lacto vegetarianism
A vegetarian diet that includes certain types of dairy, but excludes eggs and foods which contain animal rennet

Lacto-ovo vegetarianism
A vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy

Flexitarian diet
A predominantly vegetarian diet, in which meat is occasionally consumed

A person who rejects consumerism and seeks to help the environment by reducing waste, especially by retrieving and using discarded food and other goods.

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