Sethster’s Drawings (kinda…digital drawings..paint)

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Sethster’s Drawings (kinda…digital drawings..paint)

I like sharing things my kiddos do…because they’re awesome. This is a place I can share things my Facebook friends might get annoyed with, vent, talk about autism more, talk about my terrible 2 toddler or my teething 1 year old lol. Today is Valentines day, I hope everyone is having an amazing day I’m spending the day with my 3 wonderful little boys as hubby took off to work most of the day and watching snow fall here in lovely Wisconsin.

I’ve been saving, collecting and getting geeked over Seth’s paint drawings on the laptop and am planning on getting him some paints or making DIY paints and getting his artsy side to show more outside of the digital world and be able to hang up some of his awesomeness on our walls!

These are all drawings he makes after he finishes all his homeschool work for the day:

Everyone probably knows who these two are:
bmax hero

These guys as well:

Seth has a huge interest in anatomy and often tries to draw bones by memory. These are feet:

A cheetah stalking prey:

How bats find their prey:
ecolocation bat

Us as a family:

A transformer walking through town:

The hulk before and after angry:

Seth’s little brothers Odin (2 1/2) and Atlas (1+) were having baby arguments. Seth said this made him sad. He drew what sadness looks like. This is a kind of big deal since he has had issues understanding and expressing emotions:
inside broke heart

Inside Out:
inside out characters


Sethster and I:
seth christina

My favorite! This is a drawing of Seth sitting down with the laptop drawing himself and I:
seth on computer

Divers with a shark:
shark and diver



His favorite way to watch videos:

About the author:

mini meMy name is Cricket Sosa, I am married to my best friend and living in Peshtigo Wisconsin with my 3 perfect little boys I’m a stay at home mom who blogs! I’ve held up my fair share of jobs but now I have the greatest job in the world, I manage my home! We homeschool, love outdoors, I love to craft, crochet, draw, paint, if it’s artsy I’m doing it! I’m on the crunchy side of things and love the green eco lifestyle but I’m not into cramming it down anyone’s throat! Read my full about me page HERE.

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