Only Slightly Frugal

Only Slightly Frugal

I’m only slightly frugal.

I don’t pretend to be the guru on frugal shopping, actually I’m far from it. I feel as if I’m still so new at the whole thing yet in the few months of my attempts at frugal living my entire world seems as if it has changed.

When I return to TX after Seth’s first year has come to an end I intend to go work. I thought it important to stay home with him for his first year seeing as so much happens that I would be devastated if I missed one of those great milestones.

Anywho, I’m straying from my point. The reason I brought that up is because, even when I start to work and James and I are bringing in way more money than we do now, I intend to keep on with this new found way of living. I think back to times before I knew any of the information I do now and am overcome by shock of how much I unknowingly spent on things that I could have saved so much on.

With that, the person I owe thanks to is my friend Michelle. She introduced me to so many things! Coupons, lol I used to think they were meaningless pieces of paper and that using them only saved you a few cents and were hardly worth the trouble. I was wrong!

A few friends have asked what I do to save so much and get so many freebies.

*Follow frugal blogs
*Check different stores for best prices
*Facebook Freebies

I find my coupons in the Sunday newspaper, I sometimes buy more than one paper if the coupons are really good. Yes paying an extra $1.50 is worth it. I also find printable coupons online here:




Some of the blogs I love most for freebies, deals, and all around frugal and helpfull info are:

Cheap and Creative (my friend Michelle’s blog)

Free Sample Freak

Deal Seeking Mom

Freebies 4 Mom

The Freebie Blogger

My Frugal Adventures

Natural Mommie

FACEBOOK! Become a fan of every brand you like! Facebook gives so many freebie coupons and deals its not even funny! I’ve gotten tons of goodies! So, if you think my deals and freebies are neat, go subscribe to those blogs and start clipping and printing coupons!

I also like to make lists before I go shop and attempt to match up a coupon for everything on my list. I stock up when I have a great coupon or find an amazing sale, yes it may seem ridiculous to buy a box full of something, or ten of the same thing but I wont have to pay a high price for it later. I have discovered stockpiling is my friend 😀

With frugal living however, I have discovered I need a pantry badly and more cabinet space!

I hope I’ve been a little helpful and if you check out those other blogs you’ll get loads of great info!

Short blog today but I have tons to do TTFN until tomorrow 🙂

ps. sign up for swagbucks

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