Big Name Essential Oil Copycat Blends

I’ve sourced these from a blog and a few images with no credit to the origin. If you know where they originated let me know so I can give credit to these awesome people for giving out these recipes! My only source is for a few of these recipes. I thought these deserved to be shared because there are a few Young Living or doTERRA blends I think rock but I’m not willing to pay the price for. As anyone who knows me knows, I either buy from or so these recipes made my day! If you know of any other blends let me know!! Also I had to edit a few times due to the fact that I had mentioned Piping rock which has now been found to have some shady oils aka unpure :-/ also, I’ve been trying to answer questions on here and my answers are not coming up in response to the posters so…I’ll be posting a Q and A post soon with a list of oils I’m trying to find copycats for and any comments that help get these below listed copycats correct!

doTERRA Whisper Essential Oil Blend Copycat
*30 drops bergamot
*30 drops ylang ylang
*15 drops rose
*15 drops sandalwood
*10 drops jasmine
*7 drops vetiver
*5 drops vanilla
*3 drops patachouli
*2 drops cinnamon
*2 drops cocoa
*1 drop citrus

Young Living En-R-Gee Oil Blend Copycat
*40 drops rosemary
*30 drops balsam fir
*20 drops juniper
*10 drops black pepper
*3 drops lemongrass
*3 drops clove

Young Living theives or doTERRA On Guard Oil Blend Copycat
*200 drops clove
*175 drops lemon
*100 drops cinnamon bark not cassia
*75 drops eucalyptus
*50 drops rosemary

Note to recipe: I was informed the doTERRA On Guard contains wild orange not lemon which is the difference in their formula vs Young Living. I have not used the doTerra On Guard so I can not tell you if the substitution with the same amount of drops as the lemon in this recipe would be accurate. Let me know if you do try!

If you do not want to make your own but still don’t want to pay the price for the two big brands you can buy the same thing off of Piping Rock called My 4 Thiefs Essential Oil for only $9 still way better.

doTERRA Serenity Oil Calming Blend Copycat
*30 drops ylang ylang
*25 drops lavender
*20 drops german chamomile
*15 drops sandalwood
*10 drops sweet marjorim
*3 drops vanilla

doTERRA Citrus Bliss Essential Oil Copycat
*1 drop grapefruit
*1 drop lime
*2 drops lemon
*3 drops tangerine
*1 drop bergamot
*1 drop clementine
*1 drop mandarin
*1 drop orange
*1-3 drops vanilla

Young Living R.C. Oil Blend Copycat
*25 drops eucalyptus radiata
*10 drops eucalyptus citriodora
*10 drops eucalyptus globulus
*18 drops ponderosa pine
*16 drops myrtle
*10 drops cypress
*10 drops miarjorim
*10 drops lavender
*10 drops spruce
*5 drops peppermint

Young Living Joy Oil Blend Copycat
*40 drops ylang ylang
*40 drops bergamot
*30 drops rosewood
*20 drops geranium
*20 drops lemon
*10 drops jasmine
*10 drops palmarosa
*5 drops mandarin
*5 drops roman chamomile
*5 drops rose

Young Living Di-Gize Oil Blend Copycat
*30 drops anise
*10 drops tarragon
*9 drops ginger
*9 drops fennel
*9 drops lemongrass
*9 drops peppermint
*4 drops patchouli
*4 drops juniper

doTERRA Balance Oil Grounding Blend Copycat
*15 drops spruce
*7 drops frankincense
*6 drops blue tansy
*2 drops rosewood

doTERRA Breathe Oil Blend Copycat
*30 drops ravensara
*40 drops eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus radiata for kids)
*18 drops lemon
*16 drops tea tree
*10 drops laurel leaf
*5 drops peppermint

Young Living Stress Away Oil Copycat
*40 drops copaiba
*40 drops lime
*40 drops vanilla
*20 drops lavender
*20 drops cedarwood
*1 drop cinnamon bark

Young Living Purification Oil Blend Copycat
*25 drops lemon
*20 drops rosemary
*20 drops tea tree
*15 drops lavender

Young Living Deep Relief Roll-on Copy Cat
*3 drops vetiver
*2 drops clove
*3 drops helichrysum
*6 drops copaiba
*5 drops balsam fir
*3 drops lemon
*6 drops peppermint
top off roller with almond oil

Young Living PanAway Oil Blend Copycat
*10 drops peppermint
*10 drops wintergreen
*5 drops clove
*1 drop helichrysum

doTERRA DigestZen Oil Digestive Blend Copycat
*3 drops basil
*3 drops clove
*2 drops thyme
*2 drops rosemary
*2 drops coriander
*1 drop ginger
*1 drop peppermint

Young Living Peace & Calming Oil BlendCopycat
*25 drops tangerine
*25 drops orange
*15 drops ylang ylang
*10 drops patchouli
*4 drops chamomile

Young Living Oil Valor Blend Copycat
*15 drops idaho blue spruce
*7 drops frankincense
*6 drops blue tansy
*2 drops idaho balsam fir
*7 drops almond oil

doTERRA Deep Blue Oil Soothing Blend Copycat
*50 drops peppermint
*50 drops wintergreen
*25 drops blue tansy
*15 drops helichrysum
*10 drops chamomile

Young Living Oil Clarity Blend Copycat
*28 drops patchouli
*28 drops lavender
*29 drops bergamot
*10 drops clary sage
*5 drops rosemary

That’s it for now! The more I find I’ll update 😀

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    -God Bless ♡

  7. Awesome to have these all in one place! I’ve seen a few of them bedore, but there is one blend I’ve looked high and low for with no luck… Gentle baby. Have you ever come across the “recipe” for that one?

  8. Reply to Lanie Oct. 11, 2016

    Birch Hill Essential Oil Company published a similar recipe that you can find on their website. It’s called Dearest Baby. It’s got 9 out of 10 of the same ingredients.

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  29. Thanks so much for these! I order from Piping Rock and want to make their Calming Blend. I’ve ordered the individual oils for the ingredients, but can’t figure the quantities of each to make the blend. Any suggestions?

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  34. Hi there,
    As a FYI, piping rock has failed multiple tests from independent testing, so has Radha. 🙁

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  36. I’m new to Young Living and have spent a lot of time trying to determine what to buy… I have quite a list going, which is ridiculously expensive. Thank you for this list. There are several blends here which can come off my list since the single oils in your recipes are already on my list to purchase. So grateful!

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  41. My SIL sells YL and it looks like the copycat for Purification is missing myrtle and citronella.

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  47. What is the 2 drops of cocoa in the whisper blend? I cannot find a cocoa essential oil so I don’t understand what it it. Can someone help?

  48. I just bought a 15 mL bottle of doTERRA Serenity and its ingredients are: Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Juniperus virginiana (Cedarwood) Wood Oil, Cinnamomum camphora linalooliferum (Ho Wood) Leaf Oil, Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil, Origanum majorana (Marjoram) Leaf Oil, Anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile) Flower Oil, Vetiveria zizanoides (Vetiver) Root Oil, Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) Bean Extract, and Santalum paniculatum (Hawaiian Sandalwood) Wood Oil. They have changed their formula. Do you have an updated copycat recipe? Thank you!

  49. I think these are probably from the Safe Use of Edens Garden Essential Oils (SUEGO) group on facebook. I haven’t studied the ingredients, but they have recipes for all of these blends there!

  50. So thankful. your awesome

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