What Essential Oils Do I Use? Not the two you think…

Hey guys, I’ve been asked what essential oils I use for my family and myself…I’ve been in love with essential oils for some time. However, I do apologize to anyone selling Doterra or Young Living Essential Oils. I will not start debates but I have some really good reasons for not buying these two brands. I have friends and family that purchase and sell them and more power to them but not for me.

What do I buy?

I used to love Piping Rock Essential Oils BUT it was discovered the oils they sell aren’t entirely pure…so it’s yet another to go on my not for my family to use list. It made me sad. Here are some other’s I use though.

1. Plant Therapy (buy here)

2. Radha Beauty (buy here)

3. Simply Earth Essential Oils (buy here)

By the way, I am not in any way making money off of you purchasing these I am just letting you know what I use. I don’t participate in pyramid sales anymore…did once and it just was not for me.

Keep updated on essential oils, those that get tested and those talked about on the Essential Oil University Facebook page here. Dr. Pappas is pretty epic.

2 Responses to What Essential Oils Do I Use? Not the two you think…

  1. I too buy Piping Rock and love them,

  2. I’ll have to try your brands out 😁 Pyramids have their place and I’m not knocking them one bit… not for me either, tho. Lots of oily friends into those brands, and I DO like them. But there are other oils, to… and some people will stop listening the second they hear you’re selling. They’ll miss out on all the good stuff from oils, so I stay firmly as an equal opportunity oiler 😜 My fave is Veriditas from the local health food store. I like to shop local when possible and the people there are awesome! They have a few other brands I like, as well. But I’ve had a few opportunities to meet some of the Veriditas people… great people + amazing oils keep them at the top of my list 😊 I also like being able to say ‘hey, stop by and look, smell samples, talk w locals w LOTS of knowledge’ No, we aren’t selling, just trying to help people get their healthy on 😄

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