Corn Plastic

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Corn Plastic

Well this subject has me a little curious, cautious, and enthusiastic wile kinda doubtfull. I know those dont all go together nicely but the plans for plastic made out of corn are kinda scary to me. I’ve been reading up on it, and have a feeling there is going to be a big boom of products packaged or made from this new corn plastic.

By the way it isnt as new as you thought, its actually been around for about 20 years but cost too much to make at around $200 when it first started to be made and now is only around a buck.

PROS of Corn Plastic (PLA):

* Uses 65 % less energy than producing the normal plastics we are used to

* Creates 68% fewer greenhouse gasses

* PLA can make packaging for food, electronic casing, labels, clothing fibers, and more

* PLA can decompose withing 90 days in a controlled composting environment and turns into carbon dioxide and water

CONS of Corn Plastic (PLA):

* Controlled composting environment has to be a special plant where the conditions reach 140 degrees for 10 days strait and there arent many of these plants up and running only about 113

*Recycling plants are worried people will dump PLA along with PET (regular plastic) causing a pretty pricey problem as the two do not mix well at all when broken down and they would need to spend time and money to sort through the two

* In an average landfill (not recycling PLA or sending it to a special plant) this new corn plastic is said to decompose no faster than regular plastic which is estimated to be around 100 – 1000 yrs.


I think PLA or this Corn Plastic could actually be a really good change if it is done right. Producing regular plastic takes around 200,000 barels of oil a day, and plastic takes up 25% of our landfills, so if people could make the switch and recycle this product it could in the end help! But how do you get people to recycle this if they’ve never cared to recycle all the other materials we’ve been trying to get them to recycle??? I dont know… but I think this could be a good thing if we can tackle all the obstacles.

Walmart however has decided to start packaging a good deal of their products with PLA and I’m not quite sure we are ready for the switch. They are also willing to jump into this new eco friendly packaging to make up for them not giving a crap about the environment for so long yet they are not willing to take back old PLA for recycling as it isnt their job to collect trash. HMMMMM you still suck Walmart.

Read more on this at the Smithsonian

You can find PLA in products offered on the parket already however, here are a few spiffy ones!

Plant Love Lipstick
PlantLove™’s 100% Natural, ECOCERT certified lipsticks are gorgeously green on all levels – Product, Packaging and Process.

PAPCoRN Dinner Sets


This spiffy cuttlery can be found at where they have tons of eco friendly items made from corn, sugar cane, post consumer fiber, recycled PET, and plant starch! Check them out!

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