Human & Animal Hair helps clean up Oil Spill

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Human & Animal Hair helps clean up Oil Spill

Yesterday I went to the mall with my friend Katrina and on the way she told me about something she heard about on MSNBC about Human Hair helping to clean up the oil spill.

I was intrigued! What a great idea, using something that is completely considered trash along with USED panty hose to create mats, 1lb of hair can hold a quart of oil! UPCYCLING at its best lol.

Check out these pics:

How you can help with: Matter of Trust

Anyone and Everyone: salons, groomers, individuals can sign up to donate hair and fur clippings and nylons for their Oil Spill Booms. The Excess Access program sign up is FREE! SIGN UP HERE

The first mats made out of hair were the OttiMat’s which could soak up about 7.8 gallons of oil in less than 3 minutes! Then be reused over 100 times! They were created by Alabama hair stylist Phil McCrory who created them for the 1989’s Exxon Valdez Oil Spill that spilled over 10.8 million gallons of oil into the Alaskan sea.

Look at a demo on how the oil is soaked up by these mats:

I am going nuts over this idea its great! Wile looking for the above video I stumbled onto a site that mentioned a number of other ways to reuse human hair! I’ve decided to try to do a few myself and try to get James’ mom (hair stylist in TX) to send her clippings to the above cause too! I’m so excited about it lol!

The blog I ran into has tons of neat info about a whole lot of topics but this one post pertains to this lol and adds to it haha. The Daily Loaf

In the above linked post The Daily Loaf talks about multiple ways besides the donating of hair for oil spill clean up to recycle or reuse hair!

Locks of Love which uses donated hair to makes wigs for underprivileged youths in North America who have lost their hair from medical treatments.

Beautiful Lengths which donates real-hair wigs to cancer victims

Wigs for Kids which gives wigs to children who have lost their hair from health issues or burns.

In the post was also a how to link in how to make a paint brush out of hair clippings and tells of ways to collect hair that may go down the drain and be wasted! What a nifty idea reusing hair which is usually wasted and for MOST people so easily replenished!

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