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Early post today! I slept in a little, my hubby was awesome and took care of Seth this morning! When I finally got out of bed, I went and got my Sunday paper outside, I wish they’d deliver 2 lol but they wont do that, if theres really good coupons I just buy another somewhere. Anyway, there were two coupon inserts today which had great coupons compared to last week! I was bummed with the last paper’s coupons because I could hardly use any of them. I dont know about other areas but I’m extatic about a few I found:

*$1 off any Burt’s Bees Natural Toothpaste (this stuff rocks!)
*$1 off any Burt’s Bees Non-Lip Product
*$1.50 off any Green Works Laundry Detergent
*$.50 off any Green Works Products
*$.50 off any one package of Keebler Sandies
*$.55 off any two packages of Keebler cookies
*$.75 off any one Reynolds Wrap Foil 100% recycled!

Ok the Burt’s Bees ones are just awesome because those are some of my favorite products only their pricey so when I find a coupon I USE IT! The Green Works help out a lot too since I’m still replacing a few cleaning products with Earth friendly ones.


The Reynolds Wrap Foil coupon is great but… lol I like to stock up, especially when I find a deal… so you can also go HERE to get a $1.50 off coupon for the Recycled Foil! Just fill out the little form and it’ll print your coupon. HIT BACK BUTTON ON BROWSER TO PRINT AGAIN for an extra coupon!


KEEBLER made me happy! I posted a few posts back about EARTH 911 and how they were giving daily tips counting down until earth day and had talked about their mention of Terracycle in their no. 13 & 14 tips found HERE, well, next to the Keebler coupons was a little add talking about how to turn your wrappers into a good cause! Keebler and TerraCycle are working together! Find out more at KEEBLER

There’s also going to be NEAT Teracycle products found at Walmart! Go get em!


I have to go try to round up some Target deals and see if I can get there soon enough to get a free bag, organize coupons for our grocery shopping today, and gotta get back to a few emails. I have some neat posts coming up too! TTFN peeps I hope you have a great Sunday!

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