5 More Oils From Simply Earth (check out what I did with them)

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5 More Oils From Simply Earth (check out what I did with them)

I love Simply Earth! I love their oils, I love the quality, the price and I absolutely love that 13% of profits go towards charities!

Here’s some quick info on them before I get into the 5 oils I just tried out and what I did with them for those of you that have not heard about Simply Earth. The company is all about essential oils, this is a newer company but don’t let that steer you away from them as they are absolutely worth your time and energy to look into. This is a christian company (they thank Jesus and follow a great path) and they aim to do good in the world. When you sign up with them they tell you that you are a world changer and there is a really good reason behind that.

“The gospel says you are more sinful and flawed than you ever dared believe, but more accepted and loved than you ever dared hope.” We share this because as believers, we are called to love and serve everyone, regardless of what they believe.

Simply Earth offers natural pure products and gives 13% of profits to organizations committed to serving others. Buying from them gets you a quality product that will benefit yourself but will also help others. Each month they chose a different charity and in doing so attempt to help as many as possible as much as possible! This month’s charity is Children of the Night.

Since 1992, Children of the Night has become a licensed shelter offering a home for 24 American human trafficking victims aged 11-17 with an onsite school, case management, recreational opportunities, and a chance for these kids to experience childhood. 5 students each year are placed in colleges and have gone on to be lawyers, teachers, and other professions.Read more


Now for the fun stuff! I tried out 5 more Simply Earth oils yay! Lemongrass $5, Orange $5, Rosemary $6, Grapefruit $5, and Eucalyptus $5, click any of those names now to go directly to Simply Earth’s product pages for each oil and you read those prices right!

Each oil is 100% Pure: No additives and undiluted! Each oil has a GC/MS report to show the quality so please don’t let the price fool you, an oil does not have to cost an arm and a leg to be amazing! Each oil’s product page has a recipe which I tried on each oil and they are pretty awesome especially the orange cleaner so if you do decide to get an oil check those out!

Quick run down of each oil:

Lemongrass: Pretty strong smell (I love it) smells like citrus and honestly like your sitting in a garden picking citrus of any kind! This can be used for skin, hair, bug repellent, headaches, fights colds, supports immune system. A favorite recipe of mine for this oil is shaving gel mixing some of the grapefruit with aloe vera, olive oil and a good amount of this lemongrass oil does wonders for your skin while shaving and hubby likes it a lot! I usually use anything he uses haha I’m not a girly girl and this smells great!

lemon one


Orange: As soon as you open this bottle it smells like a ton of oranges were just zested right next to your nose. It smells absolutely amazing! Can be used for anxiety, bad mood, hormone balancing, insomnia, self esteem boost, use it as an air freshener, cleaner, clearer skin. My number one favorite thing for orange oil is in my diffuser there are so many calming, relaxing, and uplifting blends to use with any number of other complimentary oils and of course this is an amazing ingredient for home made cleaners! Kitchen, bathroom, glass, inside car, so many cleaning possibilities!


orange two

Rosemary: Sells very herbal like, leafy. Uses include hair growth, helps with menstrual cramps, mental clarity, learning, memory, muscle and joint pain. I used this to make the most amazing Rosemary mint home made shampoo and I’m probably never buying shampoo again, I’m in love with it! Some castile soap, water, rosemary oil and mint oil and you have yourself an amazing shampoo!

rose one


Grapefruit: Opening this oil takes me back to slicing grapefruits open back home in Texas on summer days as a kid. Talk about a smell taking you back! Uses can be for mood boosts, relaxation, curb cravings and stop over eating, air freshener, help take away cellulite. My favorite use for this oil is adding some drops to coconut oil then rubbing it onto wrists, it really reduces stress and seems to just calm me down totally. I also used this oil to make some amazing bath bombs!

grapefruit onr

grape two

Eucalyptus: Smells amazing, I have no other words than amazing! Back home in Texas I’d cross the border to Mexico a lot and my family members would buy huge things of eucalyptus leaves. My grandma would hang them in the shower and we’d have them in our home. Open this bottle and it took me back! Uses can include easing congestion, sinus infections, air way opener, cleaner, flea control, remove grease, gets rid of vomit smell. This oil came in handy today as I was feeling the onset of a cold and some congestion, I put about 8 drops of it into a warm bath and just inhale the awesomeness! You can also add eucalyptus with some tea tree oil and water for a great antibacterial spray.

euco onr

euco teo

Note: Each of these oils has so so so many uses, I just listed a few I use each for.

If you are searching for a great essential oil company give this one a chance! Hopefully many more posts about them in the future! You won’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a quality oil and you’ll know that a portion of your money is going to help others too!


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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