Amber Tick and Flea Collars for Dogs and Cats

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Amber Tick and Flea Collars for Dogs and Cats

What?! If you have heard about amber necklaces you’ve probably heard about them in conjunction to teething babies. Amber Crown does in fact make teething necklaces for our adorable babies but they also make amber necklaces for our furbabies. Why though? There is a really great reason for getting your cat or dog a necklace and it isn’t so that your furbabies match your human babies haha.

It works in two ways:

• When worn on pet the friction from the fur releases aromatic terpines from amber that repels ticks and fleas.
• Static electricity generated when amber is rubbed against the pet’s fur makes parasites uncomfortable and unable to cling to hairs.

– It is waterproof, odor free, safe for humans and animals, no secondary effects on your pet, family or house.
– 100% chemical free, non-toxic, no insecticides.
– Can be used for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, even if they are allergic, pregnant or nursing.

The collars come in 8 different sizes even large for pretty big doggies! I happen to think these collars look beautiful as I’m pretty obsessed with the amber necklaces already with my kiddos. The collars have really nice leather ends also. All necklaces are raw Baltic amber, keep in mind this repels but if your pet is infested you might have to treat the issue then use this as a future preventative. Nothing wrong with using more than one form of natural flea and tick repellent!




I myself have 2 inside cats now, Zeta and Atticus. I tried this collar out on Atticus and he seems to like it. He does not however go outside at all because where we live all types of critters and things bigger than them roam and I’d rather him and my other cat not be gobbled up. That being said I can say it is effective in our situation in the event of any fleas or ticks ever getting in our home but he wont be testing this outdoors. If you are new to amber, it is not a stone but actually fossilized conifer tree resin, it is beneficial to both humans and our furry friends and honestly it is something I feel way more comfortable having as a flea and tick repellent in my home. Things need to be kid safe in our home.


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