Angel Direct 6×12 Self Adhesive Vinyl

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Angel Direct 6×12 Self Adhesive Vinyl

So excited to review an adhesive vinyl as I just got a Cricut machine this last Christmas and I’ve been busy cutting vinyl, cardstock, and anything else I can manage to get it to cut. I actually had run out of vinyl and was working on some essential oil roller bottles for my boys to carry around with us while out. It was an idea I got inspired by some rollers I found for sale that were no longer in stock. So, I decided to track down recipes and make my own, I have been obsessively using essential oils for a while now and I was excited to make them but I wanted to make my own labels. I also wanted to be creative with the labels and use a bug font so that it went along with my kiddy theme and had a fun feel to it.

I got my fonts going, wrote out my labels which are:
* Ouchie
* Focus
* Stay Healthy
* Joy
* No Worries
* Sweet Dreams

Ask me if you’d like the mixes for those rollers! I also made a Kid Scents label for each bottle.

I then loaded up the Angel Direct 6×12 sheets which by the way I had only ever worked with the 12×12 but this was actually a small project and I finally understood the need for a 6×12 vs the 12×12. I didn’t waste any vinyl and I didn’t have a random sized piece of vinyl left over. I made everything fit on one and I was ready to start cutting.

My Cricut had absolutely no issues cutting the vinyl and when done it easily peeled off revealing clean cuts even though the words I cut out were very detailed with tiny little legs and antennas for the bug font. The package of vinyl sheets came with a huge variety of colors and about half and half shiny and flat colors.










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