BBQ Grill Mat (I didn’t even know these existed!)

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BBQ Grill Mat (I didn’t even know these existed!)

I love grilling!!! I have discovered something that takes BBQ’ing to a whole new level. Why didn’t anyone tell me these existed?! Do you know how many times I’ve tried making grilled veggies while we make our awesome assortment of meats and my darn veggies just fall through the grill? We used to go fishing a lot too, and we’d try to grill them, sometimes it would work others I’d have fish fall through! Or we’d be out camping and our make shift grill would get to eat more of our dinner than we would haha.

I see so many, so so so many uses for these grill mats!


Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat or Oven Liner as seen on TV from Backyard Chef Enso Bake and Grill Master

• FDA approved, free of silicone, PFOA and no other harmful chemicals, PTFE Coating on the surface of fiberglass.
• Reusable on both side
• Heat resistant temperature: -60-260C (-76-500F), max 360C or 500F
• Easy to clean
• Keep your grill clean after BBQ
• Can be cut for a perfect fit. Great for picnic, camping and public outdoor grill use or at home
The magic of BBQ grill mat and oven liners is that it can use to grill ANYTHING because nothing will fall through the grates or get scorched! These mats are perfect for baking and grilling:-
-Seafood such as shrimp, shell fish, fish
-Meats, Pizza, Pancakes, Eggs and all kinds of baking

FDA registration No. 21 CFR 177.1550.
Use on any grill – gas, electric, charcoal or oven liners and reusable for a long time.
Will not retain or transfer tastes or odors between uses.
Perfect for those nasty campground or park grills!


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We decided to try out the grill mat with some bratwurst sausages. They ended up cooking evenly, and nicely, fully cooked too! The mat did not cause issues in cooking in fact it made it easier and we plan to try a few other foods with it!

I also brought the mat indoors to use for a pizza in the oven. The directions stated to put it directly on the rack in the oven which I have never liked doing because well…I’m not sure why I just don’t like doing it haha so placing this down the pizza cooked way better than others have when put on a cookie sheet or even a pizza stone!

I must add that these things are genius, the design behind this is ridiculously smart and if you do get one you’ll be surprised at just how great they work!


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