Blue Green Algae Toner (I love my face!)

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Blue Green Algae Toner (I love my face!)

Seriously, after you put this on it makes your face feel so ridiculously awesome! Funniest thing I could say about this is that it makes my face feel happy, your skin feels like it’s fresh, clean, feels like it firms up a bit, and brightens up! I seriously feel like I’m glowing and I probably am just because it makes me feel so great! So, it makes ya feel great, it smells fresh and clean and it is great for you to!


Organic Kelp
• Rich in hydrating minerals to promote healing & protection
• Draws out toxins to make room for revitalizing nutrients

Blue Green Algae
• Rich in amino acids to strengthen the intracellular structure
• Fatty acids rebuild structure, improving tone & elasticity
• Stimulates new cell construction to repair damage

Black Willow Extract
• Antimicrobial to neutralize bacteria and maintain a clear complexion
• Regulates oil production without stripping the skin
• Unclogs pores and refines the appearance of pore size

Hyaluronic Acid
• Naturally occurring in the skin, powerful humectant to lock in moisture
• Plumps and soothes skin, hydrates without greasy residue

Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
• Nature’s first aid kit is known for its’ soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties

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It recommends applying with a cotton ball but I took a picture of the clear toner to give you an idea of what’s inside the bottle. It absorbs quickly into your skin and it doesn’t leave any weird feeling, stickyness, dryness or anything. It’s ph balanced too and pretty ideal for all skin types. It also helps with acne which is just an added bonus! It is anti inflammatory and works as a detox for your face, the incredible quality of this toner has made me want to try all of the other products!

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