Bubblebones Review (ETSY)

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Bubblebones Review (ETSY)

I have to let you in on another great ETSY shop! Bubblebones is a shop for homemade soap! The creator of these blocks of soap is a complete animal lover (YAY) who loves anything natural, raw and organic and her soaps are no exception!

Quote from her profile “I believe that you should be able to list all the ingredients that go into a soap bar and not be completely stumped by all the fake stuff companies throw inside!” (I strongly believe this too!


I love that with any purchase at her shop she includes free samples (random) of her soaps! You can even leave a note to her if you like a certain one and want to sample before your next purchase!

These are my three samples:

I recieved a Lilac, Cinnabun, and Bubble Gum! I am a sucker for cute things, I had to show the cute bunny confetti she sent in the little box with them!

My favorite is the Cinnabun, it actually smells like fresh cooked cinnabuns! That happens to be one of my favorite smells in the world!

There’s a pretty good variety to choose from and she always has more in stock than what is posted so be sure to contact her about that! I’ll always say homemade or handmade is better so pass up that bar of soap at the store and head on over to her shop!

I think these are worth mentioning too!

Arent they cute!? These are Rabbit Bunny Washcloth Soaps – All proceeds go to bunny rescue <- lets help support that!!!

From listing: All proceeds from this listing(besides shipping) go towards saving a bunnies life, whether it be food or bedding, you are helping! I volunteer at a shelter that is nestled inside of the woods, in an ancient old white farm house – this house is home to nearly 300+ shelter bunnies! All of the bunnies inside of this house are taken from kill shelters when their time is up – to hopefully be adopted out and find loving forever homes! This shelter is funded entirely out of donations and out of the owners very own heart. Do something you can be proud of this month and know you are doing something positive! CHECK IT OUT!


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