Cafe’ Liberte’ French Coffee/Tea Press

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Cafe’ Liberte’ French Coffee/Tea Press

Oh Keurig…I’m so sorry…you have been ignored for a while. I still use you but mostly I have found something that makes my heart beat a bit faster than you. It’s true readers, there is in fact something that can make coffee taste more amazing and take around the same time but truly improve your quality of coffee time! You see, the only reason I never really attempted to use a coffee press before was pretty much because I felt it was too fancy, too difficult, and ridiculous. Yes, I honestly thought all these things. What a shame!

I got the opportunity to try out this Cafe’ Liberte’ french coffee and tea press and I went into it with an open mind. I mentioned it to a few friends and discovered a few people I know actually own and use one…so apparently they are not as rare and fancy as I thought. The people I know who own one swear by them, maybe there is something to these things I thought! I have to admit this thing scared me, I thought it was FAR more complicated than what it is. Thankfully Cafe’ Liberte’ sent very informative instructions on how to use it properly. I was shocked that it was pretty straight forward and simple.

Steps (in video below):
1. Pour coffee grounds of desired amount into the press
2. Boil water
3. Pour hot water into press directly over coffee grounds
4. Cover with lid
5. Let sit like 4 min
6. SLOWLY press down on the press, do not rush
7. Pour into your cup and prepare as you normally would


* Large (1 liter/ 34oz) French Press makes up to 8 small coffee/tea cups or 4 Larger cups.
* The unique design of this French Press is made of heavy duty Stainless Steel with a beautiful mirror polished finish. The unique design of the pot protects the glass carafe from accidental dings. The lid is lined with plastic to ensure no heat transfer to your hand while pouring.
* All parts of this French press are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
* DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS included so that you will be able to make the perfect cup as soon as you unpack the Carafe.
* 100% money back guarantee for materials and workmanship. If you ever have a problem with your product, they will either Repair, Replace or Refund your product no questions asked.



Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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