cashmeredejavu ETSY Review

cashmeredejavu ETSY Review

I am very pleased to be writing about a wonderful Etsy account I am reviewing!

The Etsy belongs to Lisa Cooper and is called cashmeredejavu! She also has another account called alltheotherstuff


The Cashmeredejavu shop has things for kids of all sizes and Lisa does custom orders creating things you ask for, revising them or repairing things! I’ll be talking about a few things she sent me to review and a few things you just have to see on her Etsy that you will go gaga for! She is also willing to give a 15% discount on items my readers buy if you mention in the “notes to seller” that you saw it on my blog!

Seth’s Favorite, The Baby’s First Bear, it is made from 100% upcycled cashmere with 100% polyester fill. Eyes and nose are embroidered to be baby safe. Seth has been going crazy over this little bear! This picture was taken outside as we picnicked and he started to fall asleep with bear in hand on the cover we had laid out. These cute lil bears can be found HERE.


I was also sent Pea Pods! These are my favorite lol, they came with a cute lil tag and they fit seth perfectly. I put them on him last night to try to keep his feet warm because socks always seem to fall off and they stayed on all night keeping my lil guy nice and toasty! They too are made from 100% upcycled cashmere and are soooo soft I wish I could have a pair of my own! You can find different colors HERE. We put them on Seth yesterday as well due to it being a little chilly out.


We were also sent car seat covers to review which were much appreciated! Seth’s car seat came with itty bitty covers and weren’t very soft at all. I switched these out and it seems to be making it a tad more comfortable for him! 100% cashmere solid with 100% cotton flannel. Each strap measures approx. 6″x 6.5″ high and will fit a standard car seat strap measuring approx. 1 3/4″ – 2″. You can find them in different colors and patterns HERE.


Here is another product I think you should be aware of! I’ll be buying one of these soon: 100 percent cashmere SOCK MONKEY with MOM tattoo 16 inch SEE THE CUTENESS


I also love her infant sweaters and this one of a kind kilt cashmere cardigan sweater!

ABOUT THE SELLER: (written by seller, Lisa)

I am an army mom-in-law, my daughter married an army man and they are stationed at Ft. Drum in Watertown, NY. I am a ‘Mamma’ to an adorable almost 2-yr old granddaughter, she is the inspiration for most of my baby/kid things (in the next couple of days you will see a sock monkey in pink with her name tattoed on the arm as a listing for a custom monkey in the buyers colors/name). My daughter and the baby lived with us for a year while my son-in-law was in Afghanistan and it was the best year ever! I love to upcycle soft and fabulous textiles and yarn, I think you get better quality and value for your money taking the time to find clothes, etc that could be reused. In my other etsy shop alltheotherstuff I have some handknit mitts from yarns that I have unravelled from some really great sweaters (not the acrylic ones). I have been sewing for as long as I can remember and I make my own patterns, mostly because I can never find exactly what I want, and I hate paying $10 for a pattern. I only have my etsy shops (cashmeredejavu and alltheotherstuff), no facebook, twitter, etc, so I am easy to find.

Her Etsy is seriously worth checking out!!! Go see all her goodies!

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