Chalkboard Labels Mega Bundle By Chef’s Addiction

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Chalkboard Labels Mega Bundle By Chef’s Addiction

Wow labels. This thing has so many labels in varying sizes! They stick on pretty nicely to anything you put them on and you can erase the chalk with something damp and rewrite on them. I’ve had one on a sippy straw cup for a while and even washing by hand the thing hasn’t washed off or peeled off, which is pretty impressive. Of course it isn’t submerged and left in water so I have not tried that. I have 3 boys and I’ve been using these to label everything especially since they all tend to have the same of certain things then get possessive. I also just love the look of chalk board labels so having them all over the place makes me happy.

We also have these milk jar bottles we usually drink chocolate milk from and such and we used a label on those too to know whose is whose. I’d imagine these would be great for parties and get to gethers or bbq’s as well but I’m just loving using them around the house. I will be getting some small jars for spices and using the tiny labels to label my spices as well. This is a great design and the chalk comes off when it’s supposed to and stays on when it’s supposed to. The little magnetic shopping list was a nice plus as well it has a dry erase marker with a little eraser on it.






What comes in this pack?

1. Mega Pack of 92 Stickers- Various sizes and designs allow you to post them on various size items. Just think how much you may do with so many stickers.
2. Sheet Consists of Transparent Plastic – Rather than papers, facilitating the removal of the stickers in one piece without ruin them.
3. High Quality White Liquid Chalk Marker – with detailed user instructions in order to avoid confusion and incorrect use.
4. Magnetic Shopping List – Post the shopping list to the fridge by a magnet. Whenever you recall something to buy, write it down immediately.
5. Erasable Black Marker – to magnetize by the shopping list, for a swift, convenient writing.
6.Digital Guide – To top it all of, you will also receive an E-book, containing user instructions, ideas for other uses for the stickers and a shopping list to go over whenever you go shopping – just to assure you are really not forgetting anything.

✓ 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE- Choosing the Chef’s Addiction Chalkboard Labels Kit means your investment is protected! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and will be fully refunded!

These labels really are a great quality and worth every penny! The chalk has a nice flow to it like an actual marker and won’t rub off once dry until you intend to remove it. I think the quantity of labels you get in this package is like the best of everything to be honest….too many times people are jipped on cool things like this but this company really delivers!


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