CHALKOLA Liquid Chalk Markers

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CHALKOLA Liquid Chalk Markers

I’m really excited to be sharing this post with you guys! My oldest kiddo Sethster helped me a bit more with this post as he’s getting older and wanting to be more involved with things I’m doing! We got to try out the Chalk Ola liquid chalk markers on our new little chalk board we bought Seth for some Homeschooling fun, and we love them! I have a few pictures below to show you how vibrant and easy to use these are BUT check out my little video with Sethster telling you how they work 😀


We had an uh oh moment unfortunately not caught on camera where Seth accidentally wrote on our white wall with the bright red chalk marker. This is worth mentioning because I didn’t notice until it had been sitting there a while. I used the wet washcloth to softly brush over the mark and it removed it EASILY, no staining of the white paint!

I adore chalk boards but do not equally adore the chalk dust…in fact it drives me bonkers and sets off my allergies! So, this being both of our first time using these we were pretty stoked! As mentioned, we’re homeschooling so these make it easier to practice writing and they’re also bright and fun just for doodling! I’m also fond of using chalk board like labels, bags, wrapping paper, the list goes on, these would work perfect on all of those!




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You don’t have to use these just on a chalk board by the way, they can be used on ANY non porous surface just test it to be sure before you doodle! We used a wet washcloth to clean the chalk off but the company also recommends magic erasers, I have not tried that but sounds interesting so I probably will soon! Immediately after you write you can easily erase like Seth did in the video (washes off hands easy) or you can let it dry and it sticks there smudge free until you want to take it off! They also recommend these for car windows so I’m kind of excited to decorate our cars windows during the holidays!


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