Check out my Adfilic dummy security camera

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Check out my Adfilic dummy security camera

That’s right, you read right, I have a dummy security camera! Now, I’ve never seen someone get close and personal with a security camera to investigate if it was real or not. In fact I’m pretty sure that thought never crossed their mind. The last thing they’d want is to have their face super close to something video taping them…I mean that’d make whoever is watching super suspicious of this person peering at the camera. So, with that, why not get a dummy security camera?

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Now most of you might bethinking this would be obviously fake…not so. Adfilic did a pretty good job with this thing, they thought of details that might slip your mind if your in the market for a dummy camera. First of all, there is a thick realistic cord coming off of the back of the camera to connect to your wall besides the wall mount. This little detail matters, there is also realistic logos, the realistic design and here’s the best part, the camera lights up and blinks like a real camera! I mean who would go through so much trouble to put that much detail into a fake camera right? So it can’t possibly be fake? That’s what people would be thinking and having that little bit of a feeling that someone is watching them might make them be on their best behavior.

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Now I set this up in my living room to show you guys how it worked and looked but I started to think, why not leave it there. In the event of anyone ever breaking in, or having someone babysit…I’m paranoid about people watching my kids. With all the horrible things in the news maybe having a dummy camera set up would keep my kids a tad safer if ever I had someone new watch them. I think this camera is a pretty great idea!


The Blinking Red LED Dummy Security Camera instantly Deters Criminals from your Property. (AA Batteries are not Included)
Easily install it Outdoors around your house or Indoors by removing the Rain Shield to make it appear Smaller
Authentic Look and Genuine Design – All your Friends and Family will Believe its a Real Security Camera even the Burglars!
Premium Quality Camera built to last Under Weather so you don’t have to Worry about Replacing a New Camera or it Breaking Down
Rotatable Mount so you can Easily Adjust the Positioning of the Camera Effortlessly
Red LEDs possess Extremely Low Battery Consumption, thus You Won’t have to Change New Batteries each Month
Includes a FREE CCTV Sticker that Warns Trespassers that Walk onto your Property


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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