Color Me Monthly {what I think}

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Color Me Monthly {what I think}

I’m loving Color Me Monthly! If you love subscription boxes, nail polish, eco friendly products and affordable prices then this monthly subscription box is for you. I’m completely in love with past colors and curious about upcoming shades all the same! For me, so much about this company has me going gaga as their core values seem to be of the eco friendly nature <3 from the packaging to product you receive can feel good knowing they do their part keep everything as earth friendly possible. Honestly considering price for standard shipping on most things purchase online now a days $7 nail polish of this quality bought and shipped is incredibly frugal totally amazing! meme

A lil something about Color Me Monthly:
*Non-toxic and carcinogen-free
*Never tested on animals
*Made in the USA
*Shipped FREE
*$7 monthly
*Saves on packaging to give you a better quality product
*Monthly, Half-Yearly, Yearly Subscriptions
*One-time Gift Option for someone special
*Ships first week of every month
*16.5mL / 0.56 fl. oz. full size bottles

The company itself is fairly new but so much more thought goes into your monthly box than you can imagine. It was conceived in August 2012 and founded by two sisters, Meghann and Caitlin with the first boxes shipping out November 2012, since then the number of boxes going out has multiplied and hey they gained one more with me as I’ll be continuing to pay for months to come!

When my first box came in the mail I thought for a second… wow they didn’t want to do anything with the box? The nail polish came in a regular brown box, no special tape, no logos covering the box, no stickers, or anything.

Then I smirked… on the underside of the top of the box were the words “You shouldn’t have to pay more for fancy packaging… Pretty polish at an awesome price.”


I actually laughed and thought wow that’s kinda awesome. Then I thought let me look more into the packaging of everything. Here’s what I discovered 😀

Color Me Monthly’s business cards are printed on recycled paper stock in an effort to remain responsible and conscious about their impact on the environment, animals, and people. But that’s not all, great thought even went into the ink printed on their cards! The ink used by this nifty company is non-toxic, soy-based ink.

The laser engraving on the nail polish bottles has a thoughtful reason behind it as well. Unlike industry standard process of labeling, laser engraving uses no chemicals and the glass bottle can easily be recycled without removing anything 😀

Also I might add that Color Me Monthly offers a base coat, nail lacquer, and top coat which can be purchased from their website to make sure your entire nail care system is toxin free, eco friendly, and well all around better for the environment. You can get those here: Nail Care HERE.


If you’d like to get started on a subscription you can do that HERE!

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