Crayon Rocks Crayons!

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Crayon Rocks Crayons!

I adore Crayon Rocks for so so so many reasons! I am more than over joyed to be telling you about this company and hope that I’m able to spread the word to other mothers and possibly teachers!

I’m going to give you some history on these incredible little rock crayons as they are far more than just a crayon and have a story worth hearing! It all began with Barbara Lee who taught children with special needs for 23 years and was inspired by Jan Olsen, OTR, and the Handwriting Without Tears program who stressed the importance of developing the tripod grip. This hits close to home as my Sethster has had to go through some OTR himself and I’m constantly trying my hardest to find ways to help him get ready to join kids his age when school time comes. I myself never thought of the importance behind a crayon which promotes the use of the thumb to strengthen the tripod grip and had I known about these I would have introduced them so much sooner!


Crayon Rocks are CPSIA compliant and certified non-toxic so much so that the site states you could eat them, we’d rather color with them though! The crayons are made of Kosher soy wax and other organic waxes with colors from minerals, there is nothing harmful in these crayons which is something which makes them even more intriguing!


I am also happy to inform that Crayon Rocks gives back to charities as well them being:

Click below for more info:


I am reviewing the Just the Rocks in a Box of Crayon Rocks which contains 64 individual rock crayons in 16 summer colors which is technically enough for a classroom of 24 students and an entire years worth of use. I honestly believe that as the crayons have a pop of color yet don’t seem to wear away quickly. The entire box goes for $29.50 which is an awesome price for the quality and quantity packed into this box. I’d highly recommend this for teachers, therapists, and parents with a large number of kiddos! I myself have two boys but one day plan to have 6 if we are able. Both my hubby and I adore large families and I’m actually confident these might make it to be used by all of my two boys future siblings!

I think the Just the Rocks in a box would also be a great idea to give to your child’s teacher as a bit of school supplies provided!

If your looking to get a smaller batch of crayons the range in quantity and price to meet anyone’s needs!

Check out these rocks:

Please check out Crayon rocks I recommend them for anyone with younger kiddos! www.crayon

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