Eco Button Review PUSH IT!

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Eco Button Review PUSH IT!

I love buttons… I love button that do something cool even more!

I bet your wondering what this unique button does aren’t you?

The Eco Button is an award winning device that helps you save power, helps you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your electricity bill… we all need that. Any way I can possibly reduce my carbon footprint is awesome and any way I can do my part in doing something good for our planet gets me giddy! It is extremely easy to install, plugs in with a usb port and the software is downloaded from the eco button website. The software that you get with this is really cool because it shows you exactly how much you’ve saved, which makes me even more motivated about doing my part!

Its crazy how much of a difference this little button makes, I love it! Besides having a great purpose it’s also a cute gadget to add to your computer set up.

Another reason I personally like this is because turning my computer on and off to save energy can become a pain due to the time it takes for it to start up again, with Windows 7 its a tad faster but still the wait annoys me. When you press the ecobutton your computer goes into ecomode then returns quick with a press of any key on your keyboard with no hesitation, so there’s no waiting for this thing to load up and I’m able to really take advantage of my computer time during Seth’s naps!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying a second one for my job back home if I do get that office job, when I leave my computer I will be able to save there as well, and hey it’s a neat conversation starter when someone sees a button sitting on your desk. Companies using these can save $30-$50 a year, even though that seems like a little bit, it adds up!

I mentioned above that Ecobutton has won awards, you can find the entire list HERE

This is one of those easy changes I think everyone can do… if you’d like more info on it head on over to their website eco-button. Be sure to check out their page of places they were mentioned in the media HERE. This is one of those “NEXT BIG THINGS”!


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