Lets talk about some eco friendly products for your home that keep you and your family away from harsh chemicals! I was given the opportunity to try out Ecover’s dishwashing tablets, I never knew there was a greener alternative to other store brand dishwasher pouches and tablets filled with things I do not want near my family. So, when I found out about Ecover’s products, I was stoked to run into yet another great alternative for my family and home needs!

Ecover has created ecological cleaning products from plant-based and mineral ingredients and actually has a wider variety thatn you would think! They strive to have an end result in their product that is completely biodegradable and is manufactured in world famous factories in Malle Belgium and Boulogne-sur-mer France. An interesting detail about these factories is that, they are toppd with green plant vegetation that regulates temperature and noise! Evover even encourages its employees to bike to work or carpool and are given salary incentive for their efforts! Now there is a company that really cares!
Check out Ecover’s many awards here: AWARDS AND RECOGNITION

Ecover offers dishwashing, laundry, household, personal care items and more of these I tried the dishwashing tablets as I had mentioned above. For a full listing of their products please visit their site

Keep in mind the diswashing tablets are but one of the many items offered in the dishwashing category alone not to mention the others! The box comes with 25 tablets and is a VERY easy to open box with a quick push on the side which reads “push here” the box is open and inside you find the clever mean green little tablets!

I say mean green because this is one of the only things I’ve used that gets every little thing off of the dirty plates we load WITHOUT scrubbing them first! I had to test it and so, as we usually scrub them then load I thought why not try strait into the washer with the Ecover tablets… and it was a success!

Personal benefits:
*cleans and degreases effectively
*easy dosing
*hygienic, efficient and safe
*no residue

Environmental benefits:
*plant based ingredients
*phosphate free
*quick and complete biodegradability
*minimum impact on aquatic life
*no animal testing
*safe for septic tanks

Ecover is also the first company I have seen that lists ALL the ingredients and any possible hazards that may come from them right on the site for easy access. Click here for the PDF containg that info.

I do have to say one thing, Ecover dishwasher tablets have permanently replaced my old brand which was actually the only product used in my house that was not in anyway ecofriendly. Imagine that, the things we put our food on, that we eat off, drink from were one of the main things being drenched with unneeded chemicals! I say unneeded because I now know that plant and mineral based ingredients can work just as well as the leading not so green brands even in the dishwasher! If you do try Ecover products you will be hooked, as I am, and soon want to try another!

Their site is also offering coupons for their products so if the dishwasher tablets, or any of their other products have caught your interest why not save wile your at it! SAVE $.75 TO A $1


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