Eden Organic Sencha Mint Tea Review

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Eden Organic Sencha Mint Tea Review

I am quite positively a tea nut! Getting the opportunity to try out Eden Organic’s Sencha Mint tea was a treat, especially because I’ve had a pretty bad cold the past few days. I’ve always been one to snuggle up with a warm blanket and warm cup of tea rather than chug cough syrup, of course there are times when you need meds though.

The organic Sencha Mint tea is a green tea with both spearmint & peppermint, I love mint combinations, well I love all tea, I have a cupboard filled with different teas, each has their own purpose but this tea is one you can drink regularly! I’m big on green tea as well, in my house we have green tea in a pitcher ready to drink chilled in our fridge 24/7 but the minty freshness this green tea has is great both hot or cold. Cold its crisp and refreshing, hot its soothing and breathing in the calming aroma given off by the tea helped clear my super stuffy nose!

I’ve made my way through 1/4 of the box, lol it’s good… if you try it you’d be hooked too! The last time I had some I took a few pics. I took out my much loved San Francisco super huge mug and added honey as always… I love the flavor it adds to warm tea more then the taste of sugar. My big mug is my feel better mug, good memories of friends in Cali <3

Time to learn why this tea is so great… um besides the flavor!

*41 percent less caffeine than brewed coffee
*Health benefit from antioxidant catechins in green tea, and volatile oils of mint
*Eden’s teabags are oxygen washed manilla fiber bags, not chlorine bleached, and they are crimp sealed with a 100% unbleached cotton string. NO bleach, plastics, staples or glue!
*No added flavorings or dyes
*NO additives

This will be a regular yummy addition to my tea collection! I also learned that Eden Organics has a few recipes on how to cook with Tea! I’ve never personally done that but included with my tea was a recipe on Fruit Salad made with tea, I’ll soon be trying that out!

For more info on their other great teas follow this link: YUMMY TEAS

So you know here’s the caffeine info on their other teas:

*Kukicha 90% Less
*Genmaicha 80% Less
*Hojicha 67% Less
*Hojicha Chai 67% Less
*Sencha 41% Less
*Sencha Rose 41% Less
*Sencha Ginger 41% Less

But don’t forget that Eden Organic has a wide selection of other organic foods so be sure to take a look around their entire site HERE.

If you have a facebook and twitter you can find them there too!

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