Edward & Sons Review

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Edward & Sons Review

Edward & Sons has spoiled me a bit… or ruined me lol there are a few things I will have to order from them again because the varieties of those products found in our grocery stores just cant compete. I was given the opportunity to try a few things from their website, which I will list in a moment, but with those products, I was sent information on the various items their store carries. I wasn’t aware some of those products were even offered organic! All of that information along with unique interesting recipes they sent me can be found at their site, I’m not holding out on you I’ll summarize the info for ya!

Edward & Sons is a supplier of natural and organic vegetarian foods to stores and consumers but works ONLY with the best of the best! They strive for high quality, not only that it in fact be organic, but that the taste be a perfect representation of what the consumer would believe is the best! If you have a natural foods store near you then its likely that you can find what Edward & Sons have there, for me however, the closest health food or natural food store is an hour away, its more cost effective to just have the items shipped to my door.

Onto the products I tried out. I have to start with the Miso Soup, I buy miso soup mix regularly… maybe our stores just have bad brands because I’ve only bought the powdery bland, simple kind before, I didn’t ever see anything like this kind! This soup mix came with 3 packets, which is how others I’ve bought come but it had two parts to it, one is a sauce like mix, and the other is the tofu and veggie packet.

There’s something I noticed about this soup, although it may not seem like a big deal it is to me… the soup ACTUALLY looks EXTREMELY close to the picture on the package. When was the last time you saw food that looked like it does on the package??? I think this one even looked better than on the package!

The taste really is authentic and it did remind me of sitting at a nice Japanese restaurant enjoying some hot Saki, delicious Miso Soup and Sushi… if only there were good places like that near me… well at least I can have good soup now!

Brown Rice Vegetable Snaps, I had never heard of these before! These crackers are addictive! When I first popped one into my mouth, the first thing that came to mind was corn nuts! I havent eaten those in years, I’m not even sure if those are any good for you, but these for some odd reason tasted like the ‘original’ flavored corn nuts. At least I know these are healthy for you, and they’re a low calorie snack for dieting.

By the way, something I like on their site… when you click on a product a little window pops up telling you the nutrition facts of that item. Check out the Brown Rice Snaps label (Gotta love those ingredients!):

Italian Herbs Croutons, these little guys are quite possibly the most flavor packed croutons I have ever had! Hubby and I had them on a fresh salad to go along with our stuffed shells and it all went together so well! Beat that Olive Garden haha, I love eating at home far more than going out to a restaurant and needlessly spending money that could pay for 3 or 4 nights of meals at home, yummy ingredients like these make it seem restaurant worthy so I don’t miss it much!

Jasmine Rice & Spring Onion Exotic Rice Toast, I honestly dont know how to describe these, maybe like a thin rice cake, but lighter… and had a thin coating of flavoring. I think these would be great for parties with yummy toppers, I still cant put my finger on just what would go great on top though.

Native Forrest Organic Canned Peaches, these tasted delicious! They aren’t like most canned fruit, they aren’t soaking in syrup and aren’t drenched in so much water that the flavor is lost if you drain the can, it tastes like you peeled a peach and sliced it up! I loved these with yogurt in the morning! Their canned items are definitely awesome!

Road’s End Organics Golden Gravy Mix, this gravy is supper yummy! I loved mashed potatoes drenched in gravy and this is my new favorite gravy! I plan to try all the other gravies available by them!

I’ve said it before, not much organic sold near me is very affordable, but Edward & Sons is! The above items totaled would have cost only $12.40 I think that’s pretty awesome!

The brands carried by Edward & Sons and some of the items they have for each that I love are…

Edward & Sons

Natural Bouillon Cubes

you can actually vote for these here:

Let’s Do…

I love their sprinkles and ice cream cones… eeeek organic treats!

Let’s Do… Organic

How cool are these gummy bears!?

Navite Forrest

I adore chutney!

Nature Factor

Premier Japan

I see more asian themed dinners coming….

Road’s End Organics


The Wizards Organic Saucery

I want to replace our Worcestershire with this Organic version.

I hope you guys go check them out and try their great products! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! If you have any allergies Edward & Sons has taken care of that too look here for PRODUCT ALLERGEN INFORMATION.

I love learning from companies I review and I think this article is worth reading, if you have some spare time take a looksey: Plant Based Diet Greatly Reduces Risk of Getting Cancer


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