Elegana Kitchen Ceramic Knives

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Elegana Kitchen Ceramic Knives

I’ve been converted officially to a ceramic knife person! I have a few knives I love but this set is being used a ton here recently! Something I really like about these knives is the covers that come with them, I am pretty much terrified of stabbing my hand or cutting my fingers when I’m reaching into a drawer to grab a knife. I don’t have a ton of counter space at the place we’re currently renting so I need to store all my knives in one drawer and it’s a sharp drawer haha I don’t have any cool knife holders currently.


I think people don’t give ceramic knives credit, these guys are seriously sharp, I’m able to chop through anything easily and they don’t dull easily. They do not need to be sharpened often and to me a longer lasting sharp edge is worth it! You can go years without sharpening these things and still have the same sharp knife you had when you got it out of the package! This is pretty much why I’m making the switch over to ceramic! You do need to take extra care not to chip or break these knives because this is the major cause for needing to have them resharpened. This is yet another reason I’m loving the covers that come on these knives, it not only saves your fingers but keeps your knives safe! Ceramic knives are also the second hardest material after diamonds, they’re light weight and will never rust!



About this set:

•All knives come along with protective blade covers. You can feel 100% safe when storing them. They are also germ resistant.
•It includes a bonus, practical and easy to use high quality ceramic peeler.
•You get the best value for your money: 3″ Paring ceramic knife, 4″ Fruit ceramic knife, 5″ Santoku ceramic knife, 6″ Chef ceramic knife, multi-purpose cermic peeler and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
•This amazing knife set is packaged in a beautiful gift box.
•These ceramic knives can better than steel knives and can be cleaned easily.

Currently these are not in stock on Amazon but I’m trying to find out when they will be and will let you know!
Here’s a video of me cutting through some potatoes with ease!


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