Fermented Ginseng LiquidCaps: Stress Management

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Fermented Ginseng LiquidCaps: Stress Management

So, I once worked at a bubble tea shop. What this has to do with ginseng you’ll soon find out haha.

My boss was from China and I loved her, I loved finding out new things about China daily, I loved the cultural differences and I have to say everything I learned about her when I was a mere 18 years old to when I left the job at almost 20 has deeply impacted my way of life. Well, my boss would take Ginseng every day in different forms, this is when I was initially introduced to it and why it should be taken. Up until working with her I would probably never have encountered it before.

So, why take it?

It is said, it strengthens the body, helps your arteries, blood, it is said to fight the signs of aging, clears the mind and is said to help cure cancer. I know the fighting the signs of caner is true because Chelsea (my boss) looked the same age when I ran into her nearly 7 years later! Ginseng can also help boost the immune system! The fermentation only amplifies all of the awesome coming from Ginseng, and it being fermented it seems to absorb easier into your body! See Chelsea and I would start our day off early, and we would take ginseng and a taro bubble tea and our day would be good! Over the years I strayed from Ginseng and started taking heavy doses of coffee.

I was sent this Fermented Ginseng Liquid Caps to test out and my eyes were reopened to my beloved Ginseng and I’m sad I went so long without taking it again…but I’m so very happy this review got me to start taking it again! I love it! I’ve had nothing but positive come from this review and the price and quality totally made them a new customer <3 unnamed (3)

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Patented Enzyme Fermented Ginseng

– Absorption is the Key to Efficacy!

– Clinically proven 15 times increased absorption 4 times faster

– Each Capsule has Liquid Ginseng Inside

– So Convenient just melt under your tongue for highest absorption and efficacy

– Can be swallowed if you are sensitive to Ginseng taste

-Supports your Adrenals enjoy it with your coffee

– Brings your Body into balance, truly “Stress Management as Nature Intended”
SMOOTH ENERGY CLEAR MIND uses GS15-4 Fermented Ginseng, the only high absorption high efficacy ginseng that is fully balanced.

– World’s only Ginseng proven non toxic in high dose by achieving the FDA stringent Self Affirmed GRAS status

Solve the problem of exhaustion from over stress of daily life…… It Brings you back into balance.

Ginseng has over 5,000 years of known benefits as the central herb for health and wellness. Finally today the full efficacy of high

GST15-4 is fully balanced as no high heat is used in the processing.

All key ingredients are retained. 7 Vitamins, 15 Amino Acids, and 18 Minerals.

1 Liquid Capsule of GinST15 Liquid is equivalent to over 2,000 mg of standard Ginseng Extract! and over 4,000 mg of standard ginseng powder

– 10 pack for only $12.50!
If once a day as recommended it is only $1.25 investment per day for optimal health, smooth energy mental clarity.


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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