First Real post and Sweet Cheeks Review

First Real post and Sweet Cheeks Review

I’m attempting to start blogging here from now on, there are some bugs but hopefully everything works out great!

For my first post I’m going to finally do a review on Sweet Cheeks Diaper Salve as I promised my friend Michelle!

I was recently given a diaper salve by a friend called Sweet Cheeks! My little boy used to suffer from diaper rash that would come out of nowhere and go from a slight irritation to a worrisome red! I had tried a few diaper rash ointments, the main brands sold in stores and they didn’t seem to make a difference. I recently started seeking out finding things that will better my child and our lives, and jumped on the organic/environmentally friendly wagon! This diaper salve is all natural, and I have to say the ingredients list makes me happy. I find it reassuring when a product isn’t filled with harsh chemicals, some of which I have never even heard of.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, essential oil of lavender and tea tree

I was honestly skeptical that this 1.5 oz tin of what looked like a big lip balm might not work. Wow do I owe Sweet Cheeks major credit! I used this on my little guys bottom at the first sight of rash and have not had one single case of diaper rash since. Not only that, my son has a bit of a double chin and if we’re out and about and he happens to sweat, the skin under his cute little chin sometimes gets chaffed. I used Sweet Cheeks on that as well and have never had issues with that since either! I’m honestly extremely excited about this product and I tell anyone I know to use it. I have never used any diaper salve or ointment that has come close to working this well before!

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