Forever Flex Exercise Ball (loving it)

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Forever Flex Exercise Ball (loving it)

There are a few different sizes available for these exercise balls. I got the 65cm ball which is for people in the 5’6 to 5’11 range as my hubby and I are 5’7 (me) and 5’9 (him) so this size would work best with us! The different sizes are below based on height:

Shorter than 5′ 6″: 55cm
From 5′ 6″ – 5′ 11″: 65cm
From 6′ 0″ – 6′ 4″: 75cm
Taller than 6′ 4″: 85cm\

A few things I feel are noteworthy about these exercise balls are:

I really love that there is a good range in sizes and that the ball itself says it can support over 2,000 lbs, that’s awesome… I mean I’m nowhere near that but I don’t have to fear this thing busting under me while attempting exercise! It feels sturdy too, seriously no worries about it popping on ya…I put it through a bunch already and I’ve got a few extra lbs that don’t make my light as a feather! The reason behind this is it’s made of professional grade PVC materials and has an anti-burst design!

You can use this for so much! I’m just now getting back into yoga and pilates because Atlas (smallest itty bitty kiddo) is finally allowing me to get some exercise in. This ball helps me ease into it and support me! My chiropractor seems pretty stocked I got it due to my back issues as well. I’m currently attempting to work on my core after two almost back to back pregnancies so I’ve been using the ball to assist with crunches, wall squats, stretching, roll outs, hip raises, all sorts of stuff! Pretty sure this is great for everyone from beginners to experienced!

I like that it came with the air pump too because I didn’t have one haha and would have had to buy one just for this!



Over all, this ball just isn’t like some of the cheaper ones I have tried in the past, it’s a heavy duty quality made item! I’m super duper happy with it!


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